NZ prime minister who mandated COVID shots, masks now strangely pushing for health freedom

NZ prime minister who mandated COVID shots, masks now strangely pushing for health freedom

(Planet Today) New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who previously mandated Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines and face masks, is now calling for everyone to “respect everyone’s individual choices.”

The medical tyrant made the remark on Sept. 12 as Wellington dropped its COVID-19 mandates pertaining to masks and vaccines. According to Ardern, it was “time to safely turn the page” on New Zealand’s stringent COVID-19 policies.

According to a report by RNZ, mask mandates will be rescinded except for hospitals and elderly care facilities. It added that all government vaccine mandates, alongside vaccination requirements for incoming travelers and air crew, will be lifted on Sept. 26. (Related: “The Science” is collapsing in New Zealand as covid-19 mandates are rolled back.)

“We do not want to ask more of you than that evidence tells us we should,” said Ardern. “That does not mean you shouldn’t wear a mask or judge others who do, so please do respect those who choose to wear masks.”

“People will use masks for their own individual reasons. They may personally be vulnerable; they may have events they may not want to be unwell for; they may not have had COVID-19. We all just need to respect everyone’s individual decisions.”

Despite this, Ardern added that the government could bring back mask mandates “if the circumstances demand it.” Meanwhile, the New Zealand Ministry of Health said it would continue to provide guidance for mask use – encouraging it on public transport and when around vulnerable people. The prime minister added that the guidance on mask use would be regularly reviewed.

For her part, Ardern said she would still personally wear face masks while on board a plane and in some other circumstances.

Moreover, the prime minister said COVID-19 vaccination requirements would now be in the hands of employers.

“The only current [vaccine] mandates were for health and disability workers,” she said. “But with high [vaccination] rates, now coupled with high numbers of people having had the virus, it’s now safe for them to conclude.”

Ardern’s about-face blasted across the internet

The prime minister’s sudden about-face did not sit well with many. Prior to this, Ardern had been a staunch supporter of draconian COVID-19 protocols in New Zealand.

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change tweeted: “After discriminating and terrorizing her nation, the prime minister of New Zealand finally drops all ‘health’ mandates. This is the point where everyone should be asking themselves: What was the point of all of this?”

Avi Yemini of Rebel News Australia replied to Rudkowski’s tweet: “And just like that, Ardern declares, ‘we all just need to respect people’s individual decisions.’ Never forget or forgive what she did.”

The strongest rebuke came from Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News.

He remarked in a video: “Respect? Now you ask for respect? Shut up woman; you don’t know the first thing about respect.

“Where was the respect when countless people lost their jobs because of your totalitarian vaccine mandates? When you openly announced a two-tier society, the jabbed and the unjabbed? When you threatened people that the vaccination program wouldn’t end ever until every single person got one?

“Where was the respect when you threatened to put people who refuse to get tested and all their family members in quarantine camps? When you ordered Kiwis not to talk to their own neighbors? When you locked down entire areas of the country after one single COVID infection?

“Where was the respect when your government told schools to phone the police if unvaccinated staff showed up for work? Where was the respect when your storm troopers violently brutalized protesters?”

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Watch New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern insist that adverse reactions from the COVID-19 vaccines were a sign that they work.

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