CDC now says covid jabs causing myocarditis isn’t “misinformation” after all, after YEARS of Big Tech censorship for those who said it first

CDC now says covid jabs causing myocarditis isn’t “misinformation” after all, after YEARS of Big Tech censorship for those who said it first

(Planet Today) The latest data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that so-called “vaccines” for covid germs come with an exceptionally high risk of myocarditis, pericarditis and other related heart inflammation troubles.

Contrary to what CDC mouthpieces like Rochelle Walensky have been saying, it is not “misinformation” to say that the shots cause cardiovascular damage. They clearly do, as the data speaks for itself.

The most damaging injection appears to be Pfizer’s mRNA (messenger RNA) variety, which in the 16-17 age category for males results in 71.5 cases of myopericarditis per million injected after the second dose. In the 12-15 age category for males, the figure was 42.6 cases per million injected.

Moderna’s mRNA shot was not much better, causing the same condition in 37.7 young men per million between the ages of 18 and 24 after the second dose. The 12-15 age group of young men was not calculated. (Related: A peer-reviewed JAMA paper written by CDC scientists found that Chinese Virus injections trigger myocarditis at much higher rates than the government is officially letting on.)

Rates of myopericarditis in “fully vaccinated” women, comparatively, are next to null, suggesting that these bioweapon injections specifically target male physiology.

“When reports first surfaced in 2021 that some cases of myocarditis – the inflammation of the heart muscle, potentially leading to blood clots and heart attack or stroke – were potentially associated with the Covid-19 vaccine, the corporate media and its fact-checkers were quick to label them as misinformation, saying the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh its small risks,” reported The Federalist.

Three-to-five times more young men are being heart-harmed by covid jabs than what the CDC was reporting this time last year

Matt Shapiro added to this sentiment on his Substack, writing that “last year’s misinformation on vaccine-associated myocarditis in young men is this year’s well-established fact.”

“The rates of dose 2 myocarditis are 3-5 times higher for young men than what the CDC was reporting this time last year. For comparison, this is what was presented in the ACIP meeting this time last year.”

Also almost a year ago, European researchers published a study stating exactly what the CDC is now reluctantly admitting. Tracy Høeg, Allison Kruf, Josh Stevenson and John Mandrola found that myocarditis is, in fact, a serious risk factor post-injection – especially for men.

“This study was a canary in the coal mine in the debate about whether or not the COVID vaccine should be recommended for young men,” Shapiro further writes.

“With rates of myocarditis this high and the severity of COVID as low as it is for this age group, the case in favor of the vaccine for this age group is not strong. These results are why countries across Europe suspended the Moderna vaccine for men under 30.”

The results of that study, as tweeted by Høeg, can be viewed below:

Keep in mind that anyone who dared to share this information last year was immediately convicted by the social media gods of spreading “misinformation.” Now, that same misinformation reflects the official data published by the CDC.

“Big Tech used these so-called fact-checks to censor good-faith Americans, dissenting medical experts, and even lawmakers who questioned the CDC’s vaccinations-for-all narrative,” Shapiro says.

In the comment section, someone else added that there are a “lot of quiet ‘mea culpas” going on lately,” meaning admissions of guilt by government agencies that are mostly flying under the radar.

The latest news about unsafe and ineffective Fauci Flu shots can be found at

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