Medical school has turned into a creepy anti-white racism CULT where graduates are required to swear oaths against white people

Medical school has turned into a creepy anti-white racism CULT where graduates are required to swear oaths against white people

The University of Minnesota (UoM) Medical School is now forcing students to recite an anti-white oath before they are allowed to receive an education in pharmaceutical drugs, invasive surgery and other Western medicine protocols.

On August 19, UoM held an official white coat ceremony for the recitation ritual, which the school says is designed to “promote a culture of anti-racism” among students.

White coats themselves, students were told during the “woke” sacrament, are a “symbol of power, prestige, and dominance.” Students thus need to “strive to reclaim their identity as a symbol of responsibility, humility, and loving kindness.

“We commit to uprooting the legacy and perpetuation of structural violence deeply embedded within the health care system,” students were seen and heard reciting during the service.

The leader of the recitation was Dr. Robert Englander, associate dean for undergraduate medical education. He described the oath as “beautiful,” stating that it was written by students on consultation with their faculty advisors.

“We recognize inequities built by past and present traumas rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, the gender binary, ableism, and all forms of oppression,” the oath continues.

“As we enter this profession with opportunity for growth, we commit to promoting a culture of anti-racism, listening, and amplifying voices for positive change. We pledge to honor all Indigenous ways of healing that have been historically marginalized by Western medicine. Knowing that health is intimately connected to our environment, we commit to healing our planet and communities.”

“Anti-racism” is institutionalized racism against white people

Last year, medical school students at UoM wrote a similar pledge about their goal to be “actively anti-racist.” What this implies in the context of medicine is nothing short of ominous.

Keep in mind that UoM is considered to be one of the “best” medical schools in the country. It currently ranks number-three on U.S. News and World Report’s list of the top schools for primary care.

UoM has really been on an anti-white kick ever since the George Floyd false flag event in Minnesota. The school actively participates in an “Anti-Racist Transformation in Medical Education” program that teaches students to hate white people and view them as devils of oppression.

Anti-racism, as they call it, is the epitome of racism as it denigrates all people who have fair skin as basically being members of Ku Klux Klan (KKK). If you have light skin, then you are a racist who deserves “anti-racist” treatment, according to anti-racism dogma.

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is anti-racist discrimination,” claims anti-racism guru Ibram X. Kendi. “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

Discrimination, as Kendi uses the word, is just racism repackaged. It is institutionalized racism against white people by non-white people, and UoM is all about it.

The non-medical school portion of the school actually offers a class on “recovering” from whiteness, as if it is some kind of illness or disease. Can you imagine a similar class about recovering from blackness? How would that be received?

“Medical errors kill 200,000 people every year!” wrote a commenter at Alpha News. “Maybe they should focus on lowering that number before dealing with the mythical systemic racism.”

“They are no longer doctors,” wrote another about the types of people that are produced by modern American medical schools, which are better named Big Pharma schools.

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