Grooming CHILDREN for gender-fluid drag while embracing SATANISM is now Disney’s main focus for producing “entertainment”

Grooming CHILDREN for gender-fluid drag while embracing SATANISM is now Disney’s main focus for producing “entertainment”

Disney bought America’s children’s fantasies alright, then turned them into demon-worshippers, Satan’s lovers and drag queens. Now, Disney movies literally indoctrinate children to believe that Satan is raping teenagers, getting them pregnant, abandoning them, then coming back for their souls later, including the ‘anti-Christ’ child. That’s the premise of the new “Little Demon” movie, where the young mother “Chrissy” is “thwarted by evil forces,” including Lucifer, who also possesses grandma and slices her in half at the sacrificial alter at a demon ritual. Is Satan a dad or just a cool friend?­–Disney instructs their viewers to contemplate (using voice over by Danny Devito).

Disney and their actors love embracing Paganism, Satanism and Luciferian witchcraft while convincing children everyone is gender fluid and sex-crazed

Disney characters are mostly represented as one or more of the following: Pagans, witches or transgenders, surrounded by demons. “There are dualities in everyone,” is how one main actress describes the role. She tells us how 13-year-olds are demon-like at times, especially when they come from a broken family, where Satan is the father.

This, folks, is the new “Domestic Television” everyone is supposed to adore and have their children learn about life from. Disney’s ultimate agenda is quite obvious now. It’s in your face. It’s not a sub-theme or sub-plot, it’s the whole movie, and many of them.

It’s all about demons and drag queens for Disney now. Nothing else is important. Those are the concurrent themes that dominate kids’ movies, shows and series now, on the networks, on Netflix, Disney, Disney World, Disney Land, Hollywood, everywhere.

The 13-year-old “Daughter of Satan” — in a kids’ movie — says she is supposed to “accept” that her “mother had sex with Satan”

The latest Disney blockbuster movie features Drag Queens dancing in Hell with furries (kids who identify as cats or dogs), where Satan introduces his offspring, “Hey everybody, this is my daughter, kiss her ass, or I’ll slaughter your children.” While being introduced to all the demons of Hell, the young protagonist daughter is dressed like a boy and is named Damian, by Satan himself of course.

Hell is basically portrayed as one big strip club, where everyone thinks about sex all day, while others showcase their junk in thongs while twerking and swinging around poles. Oh, and your best friends are demons. Additional imagery includes huge phallic symbols spurting out gunk, children and Satan. Parties in Disney’s Hell include little girls kneeling at the alter of Satan. Is this what parents are allowing their children to watch now? How is this even legal?

Grooming CHILDREN for gender-fluid drag while embracing SATANISM is now Disney’s main focus for producing “entertainment”

Don’t forget, celebrity drag queen, Shea Couleé (Jaren Merrell), is the star of Disney’s upcoming show and Marvel Series Ironheart, which raunchy Disney describes as “impactful” and “sexy.” The character’s “suit of armor” is literally its drag outfits. This is pop culture now, which is really counter-culture, cancel-culture and sex-with-Satan-culture.

Disney is 100 percent woke now, casting R-rated films as kid’s movies and shows, with lots of cursing, perverted sex-thinking, conversing with ‘friendly’ demons, and centering on a relationship with Satan.

Make no mistake, Disney is warped and evil. No kids or teens should be watching these movies or shows. It’s devil-worshipping pornography disguised as cartoons and animated superheroes. Parents might reconsider everything “Disney” and “Marvel” as a very, very bad influence on kids and teens.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on Disney trying to turn every child and teen in America into a gender-fluid, devil-worshipping freak.

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