A woman doesn't owe anyone anything. Or should she?

A woman doesn't owe anyone anything. Or should she?

I thought about this question for a long time. After all, all I hear around me is that a woman owes everything to a man and to those around her. And vice versa, that she owes nothing to anyone. I want to put an end to this question. And yes, I will be mostly touching on the issue of relationships, family and marriage. After all, this is where a woman "should" be. Let's figure out what's what.

What I've come to realize is that it all depends on the situation. It's fair that a woman owes something to her man, and it's fair that she owes something to her man. And it's fair that she doesn't owe anything, but then the man isn't demanded either. I will analyze both of these variants. I will start with the one where the woman does owe something.

For example, the man says that the woman must dress in a certain way. So the man must also listen to her in this aspect. If the woman constantly owes something and the man owes nothing, that's not fair. Except when the woman herself wants to be in such a relationship.

If we are talking about an ordinary relationship, then there has to be a balance in the question of "should" and "must". If the woman has to do the housework, the man has to work more and earn more. If they earn the same, work the same, it's not fair if the man does nothing in his free time and the woman does the housework.

So if you are told that you owe something, then the man owes you the same thing. Otherwise it's some kind of unconditional submission.

I will analyze the second situation when the woman does not owe anything. This is where a man has to try. He needs to initially find himself that woman, to which there will be no claims. How stupid is it when a man starts a relationship and starts saying, "This you do, this you don't do. Don't wear this, wear that." He takes, and with that "should" he tries to make a woman into a different person. And do I need to explain that it doesn't work.

That's why I stand by the fact that you have to find the man (or woman) who satisfies him in every way right away. And in that case you can live without "shoulds". Live on trust, mutual understanding.

Let everyone do what he wants. And if people really fit together, love each other, then these "should" or "should" will be unnecessary. Yes, this is a rare case, but it's the best option.

But if there is no such option, then yes, you have to live with "shoulds" and "shoulds." And if you live with that, you need at least a fair distribution, not that one person constantly owes something and the other owes nothing (Planet Today).

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