3 traits of a person that give away that he was an unloved child

3 traits of a person that give away that he was an unloved child

If a person has all of these traits in him, then you can almost certainly say that the person was unloved as a child. Parents were cold, aloof, or they may not have been at all. Sometimes even one of these traits can say a lot. It depends on each individual case. Let's look into it.

The first trait. Distrust in the world. If a person is loved, it seems to him that the world is sunny and friendly. Such people often think that you can safely trust everyone. Even if opposite stands a questionable character. Conversely, if a person is unloved, he will never be able to trust the world.

He rides in a cab, he will be afraid of the cab driver, in case he takes him somewhere. He is afraid to go on a date, in case someone comes. It is especially difficult for women to live in such a situation. After all, they can't trust the world, and they are physically weaker. It is easier for a man, but still there will be little trust in those around him.

The second trait. The inability to love others. If a man has not been loved, he cannot understand what love is. And we don't even need to talk about culture. In our society it is very rare to see normal love. In movies and soap operas there is a lot of fighting, drama, and so on. You seldom see normal love.

And a person does not understand what it is to love another person. Yes, the person can be there for you. He will even begin to trust. But it will be very difficult for him to love. Such people need to work at it for a long time to solve this question, to learn how to love. But most people don't do anything about it, unfortunately. So if a person wasn't loved in childhood, he won't be able to love himself.

The third trait. The inability to love oneself. So it is with respect to oneself. A person does not know what love is. Therefore, a person will not love himself. He will tolerate a bad attitude toward himself, he will tolerate illness, he will not think about himself. Such a person will not have a healthy selfishness. Unless it is ordinary.

The person will be disappointed in everyone around him, so he will think only of himself and his own benefit. But this is not even close to self-love. When you love yourself, on the contrary, you do better for the people around you, because you know it's better for everyone. They will treat you better, they will love you, they will be friends with themselves. Everybody wins. But, unfortunately, if a person is not loved, he won't love himself either (Planet Today).

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