More people in Taiwan have died from the vaccine than from COVID-19

More people in Taiwan have died from the vaccine than from COVID-19
Recent data revealed that more people in Taiwan have been killed by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines than by the virus itself.

The data obtained by NTD found that more people in Taiwan have died from COVID-19 than from the virus. The island nation has recorded 865 deaths following vaccinations and 845 deaths from the coronavirus as of October last year.

This data came from a time when only around 20 million COVID-19 vaccine doses had been administered in Taiwan. As of Aug. 12, that number has tripled to over 60.05 million COVID-19 vaccine doses. (Related: More Taiwanese now dying from covid VACCINES than from covid itself… meaning Big Pharma is more dangerous to Taiwan than the CCP.)

The Taiwanese Centers for Disease Control (CDC) immediately denied that these many people have died in the country due to the COVID-19 vaccines. In late Oct. 2021, there were over 10,000 reports of adverse reactions following vaccinations.

“The number of adverse event reports alone cannot explain or be used to draw conclusions about the presence or absence, severity, frequency or incidence of vaccine-related problems and should be interpreted in the context of other scientific information,” wrote the Taiwan CDC in a statement.

Mainstream media outlets have also come to the defense of Taiwanese health officials, under the guise of “fact-checking.”

“Taiwan’s CDC doesn’t specify how many of its VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Notification System] entries of deaths post-COVID-19 vaccination have been confirmed causal and the VICP [National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program] does not publicly publish its proceedings,” wrote Reuters in an article supposedly debunking the misinformation.

The mainstream media outlet ruled the claim of more COVID-19 vaccine deaths in Taiwan “misleading.”

“There have been far fewer deaths from any cause following COVID-19 vaccination in Taiwan than from COVID-19 itself according to current data, and only a handful of deaths have been confirmed by Taiwan’s VICP to have been directly related to vaccination,” it claimed.

Unknown how many more people in Taiwan have died following COVID-19 vaccinations

“If 800 people were to die from [any other vaccine] in Taiwan, they’d pull that off the market in two seconds, that’s ridiculously high,” commented Ben Armstrong of The New American. “I guarantee that those 800 and some deaths from the vaccine were right after the vaccination occurred, where they can’t really deny [and say] it was something else.”

Armstrong further noted that this isn’t even how most COVID-19 vaccine deaths occur. He pointed out that most vaccine deaths “don’t usually instantly die.”

“The vaccine – and this is a fact for anyone who’s new – lowers your immune system,” leading to people becoming more susceptible to diseases, said Armstrong.

It should be noted that this information comes from Oct. 2021. There is no telling how many more Taiwanese citizens have died following COVID-19 vaccinations since then. Armstrong himself noted that 800 people dying from the COVID-19 vaccines in Taiwan is probably a low estimate for the time, as most other deaths would have been attributed to the virus or to other diseases.

“Those 800 people that died [immediately] after the vax, it’s way, way more than that,” he said. “How many people died two, three, four, five months after they were vaccinated?”

Taiwan is one of the most fully vaccinated nations on the planet. As of Aug. 12, 84 percent of the nearly 24 million people in the island nation are fully vaccinated, and another 5.8 percent of the population are partially vaccinated. Furthermore, Taiwan has distributed nearly 80 booster vaccine doses per 100 residents.

Learn more about people dying en masse due to COVID-19 vaccines at

Watch this episode of the “Ben Armstrong Show” as host Ben Armstrong discusses the revelation that more people in Taiwan were killed by the vaccines than by COVID-19.

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