More Taiwanese now dying from covid VACCINES than from covid itself… meaning Big Pharma is more dangerous to Taiwan than the CCP

More Taiwanese now dying from covid VACCINES than from covid itself… meaning Big Pharma is more dangerous to Taiwan than the CCP

A brief clip from China in Focus news suggests more people have died in Taiwan from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” than from the alleged “virus” itself.

We had to use an archived version of the clip since the original post on Twitter was either removed by the Big Tech platform or deleted by the original poster, but the 32-second snapshot featured a reporter stating:

“In Taiwan, the number of people dying after the [vaccine] is exceeding the number of deaths from the virus itself.”

This is a pretty clear-cut admission that something is very not right about the mass injection campaign. If more people are dying from the “cure” than they are from the “disease,” it is probably time to stop and take an inventory of the situation.

Ever since Fauci Flu shots were first introduced under Operation Warp Speed, birth rates in Taiwan and many other places has plummeted. This is another major red flag that deserves attention.

Unless Taiwan wants to continue losing its population – and perhaps that is the actual goal – then it should probably put a halt on all further administration of the shots.

Seeing as how the Chinese Virus is long gone except among the “fully vaccinated,” it could not be clearer that the “cure” actually is the disease.

“That was the plan all along,” wrote someone on Twitter in response to the now-archived video about how depopulation is the true agenda behind the injections.

“Why aren’t these jabs taken off the market?” asked another.

How is it possible that anyone is still falling for the covid jab scam?

Many others mocked the notion that the jabs are “97 percent effective,” or whatever the latest figure from Big Pharma might be. They say the benefits of the shots outweigh the risks, but where is the proof?

If Taiwan is a test case, then everything we have been told about the shots is false. That country is one of the hardest-hit when it comes to jab-related adverse events, and yet the jabs continue to be administered to the public.

“This can be described as ‘unimaginable’ in terms of the likelihood of happening due to random chance,” reported Great Game India about how Taiwan is on track to see a 26-sigma event this year for birth rates – check out our earlier coverage to learn more about sigma events.

“The Wolfram-Alpha illustration of likelihood by sigma only goes to ten-sigma. They thought that it would be pointless to show more sigmas. Except a 26-sigma drop in birth rate just happened in Taiwan.”

Unfortunately for the Taiwanese people, they really do not have much of a choice in the matter of vaccination unless they were to all band together and just say no to their government’s mandates.

At this point, though, it does not matter much as the vast majority of the country – more than 91 percent – is already considered to be fully jabbed, minus any “boosters” that might still be unleashed.

It is already too late, in other words, for the people who have taken the shots and are now sterile, or who are now in the process of developing vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS).

“It sounds like Bill Gates’ 15 percent reduction in global population through vaccines was a success,” wrote a commenter at Natural News, referencing a TED talk that featured Gates bragging about how if he and his cronies “do a really good job with vaccines,” then global population levels would eventually decline.

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