How to wear a talisman from a ring?

How to wear a talisman from a ring?

(Planet Today) Many people - both women and men - wear jewelry the way they want or the way fashion dictates. But the same rings, depending on the way they are worn, can become strong amulets. Or, on the contrary, work against their owner.

A bit of history

In Ancient Rome, rings on the big finger were mostly worn by military leaders. It was believed that it gave the patronage of Mars, the god of war, and brought good luck in battles. In the Middle Ages a thumb ring was the property of the rich, noble and influential. Weaving a ring around a thumb was an symbol of power. The wearing of rings made of specific materials, such as silver or copper, was also a distinctive mark of members of secret societies. Members of some Masonic lodges recognized their brethren by such an attribute. Nowadays, a ring on the thumb does not conceal such a deep subtext, but it can still tell something interesting about its owner.

In terms of chiromancy.

It matters which hand, right or left, the person wears the ring on.

If it is on the left hand, then it demonstrates a passionate, enthusiastic person, who believes more in the heart than in the head. Inherent to her is an adventurous spirit, a desire for the unknown and unexplored, for new horizons and discoveries. Hippies, "children of flowers," preferred to wear a ring on the left thumb as a sign of freedom and contempt for traditional values, including material ones.

Women wear a ring on the left thumb when they want to reveal their sensual side. This is not always done consciously, influenced by hidden emotions and experiences. A ring on the right thumb shows a desire to succeed in career and financially. This is how brave and determined people adorn themselves, who are not afraid of difficulties and obstacles.

Keep me, my talisman

A ring, according to magicians and psychics, is one of the most powerful amulets. It is not in vain that Christians wear rings with words from Holy Scriptures together with or instead of a body cross. Some people put on their thumbs rings with runes or unusual engraving without thinking what they mean. To do so, to put it mildly, inconsiderate. First, even the one who put a picture or writing, could not guess about their true meaning. For example, a five-pointed star in a circle is a demonic symbol. The same goes for the eye of Horus and the all-seeing eye. It is not a good image, and it does not bode well. Secondly, the thumb itself serves as a conductor from the world of spirits to the inner world of man. That's why it's so important to "ring" it correctly.

Not for the sake of beauty

Here are a few examples of wearing a ring on the thumb and the corresponding symbolism.

After a divorce, some people prefer to keep the memory of the marriage and wear a wedding ring. Only not on the right ring finger, but on the left one. If the ring has become large, put it on the thumb of the left hand. By doing so, you diet to understand that you are not yet ready for a new relationship. And when you're ready, of course, the wedding ring should be removed and put somewhere far away.

Widows put the wedding ring of the departed spouse on the thumb, because it is large for others. According to most magicians, you should not do this, especially if the woman plans to remarry.

A couple wearing the same ring on their thumbs seems to defy centuries-old traditions. For them, it is a symbol of rebelliousness and the desire to live by their own rules, without looking back at someone else's opinion. There is nothing wrong here, in terms of esotericism. The main thing is that the desire to express yourself in this way should be mutual.

An interesting fact: the ring on the left thumb is interpreted by representatives of nontraditional orientation as a desire to find a new partner. On the right thumb it signifies the presence of a partner.

Trying it on ourselves

Those who decided to make a ring on the thumb as their talisman, it is useful to know a few rules. Choose a ring of silver, platinum or white gold, preferably without large stones. If it has an engraving, find out what it means; otherwise you can cause a lot of trouble. If you want to find love, marry and create a family, wear a ring on the left thumb. It will reveal femininity and attractiveness, so that the object of your affection will see you from an unexpected side. Those striving for career advancement wear a ring on the right thumb. It will allow you to demonstrate your business qualities in full.

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