Flying pyramids in the sky as UFO objects

Flying pyramids in the sky as UFO objects

(Planet Today) On the night of December 9, 2009 by chance witnesses traveling by car, managed to shoot in the sky over the Moscow Kremlin a mysterious dark object in the shape of a square pyramid, which slowly rotated in the air. Placed on the Internet video commented many world editions and TV channels. Experts, including representatives of military departments, agreed that the footage was not the result of falsification or failure of video equipment - but could not explain the nature of the mysterious UFO.

Strange Objects

Former British Defense Ministry analyst Nick Pope called the pyramidal flying object over the Kremlin the strangest he had ever seen.

Two months later, in February 2010, a similar "flying pyramid" was seen in the sky over China. On March 31, this or a similar object flew over Madrid. And a little later, in July of the same year, UFOs of similar shape were observed over southern Taiwan. The object appeared during a severe thunderstorm, it was clearly visible in the lightning, it was in flight for about half an hour.

Another three months later, similar UFOs have been seen over South America - in Colombia and Brazil.

January 13, 2011 quadrangular "flying pyramid" was able to consider the inhabitants of Italy. Curiously, at this time took place another volcanic eruption of Etna on the east coast of Sicily (it began on January 3). Witnesses claimed that when a pyramidal object flew over the awakened volcano, the top of the UFO colored in fire - as if to illustrate a natural disaster.

A group of ufologists from Khabarovsk reported that a witness saw similar pyramidal objects already in August 2003 - when a man was at his dacha near the mountain range Khekhtsir (about 20 km from the regional center). That evening, three similar UFOs hovered over the village.

In December 2018, a "flying pyramid" was observed over Washington, D.C. According to experts, it was very similar to the one seen in the sky of Moscow.

But the most amazing incident occurred in April 2016. Several (at least three) similar objects hovered with their tops down directly above the tops of the famous Egyptian pyramids in Giza (a plateau near Cairo) - and, swapping places, stayed in this position for four hours. This is confirmed by numerous witnesses, as well as by photo and video evidence.

Encrypted Knowledge

This episode attracted the most attention from researchers - because it pointed to a clear link between the Great Pyramids and UFOs that resembled them. Many ufologists assumed that in this way mysterious flying objects made recharging of cosmic energy or correction of navigating systems.

As it is known, the Egyptian pyramids served as tomb for pharaohs. But whether it was such their initial destination?

Recall that the Great Pyramids were built during the reign of the IV dynasty (XXVII-XXVI centuries BC). The oldest of these structures is the pyramid of the second pharaoh of the Cheops dynasty (Khufu). Its original height is 146, 6 meters, but after an earthquake in XIII century, it was reduced by 8 meters, losing the top of the gilded stone.

The second pyramid is somewhat smaller and was built 40 years later. It was built for Chephren (Khafra), the fourth pharaoh of the dynasty, brother or son of Cheops (the third pharaoh of the dynasty, the eldest son of Khufu Jedefr built his pyramid in Abu-Roash, a necropolis 8 kilometers north of Giza).

The third of the great pyramids was built for Menkaur (Mikerin), son of Chephren, the fifth pharaoh of the dynasty. Its height is much less (62 meters).

The Cheops pyramid is one of the most mysterious structures in the world. It is oriented to the sides of the world with an accuracy of 0.015% (nowadays it can be done only with the use of laser theodolites). In the sizes of pyramid parts are ciphered the numerical knowledge which mankind, according to official history, discovered much later: the length of the circumference of the globe, the exact distance from the Earth to the Sun, the acceleration of free fall, the speed of light and some others.

To the mysteries of the pyramid can be attributed and the fact that once its sides were concave. Now this feature cannot be seen with the naked eye, because in the XIII century the Arabs, who conquered Egypt, took apart the polished facing of the building, using it for decoration of mosques. But in ancient times, at noon on the summer solstice, the polishing and concave effect made the structure so brilliant that its light could be discerned from the moon! For what purpose might ancient people have needed it? *****

Visitors from Space

The many mysteries of the Great Pyramids have led scientists to speculate that the inhabitants of the Nile Valley built them under the direction of representatives of some higher civilization, possibly aliens from outer space.

According to Egyptian legends, once a divine family descended from the sky to pass their knowledge to people. Then the gods flew back--except for Osiris, who stayed with the earthly inhabitants.

In 1993, the Belgian engineer Robert Beauvall proved that the arrangement of the Great Pyramids copies the position of the bright stars in one part of the sky, namely in the constellation of Orion.

Researchers suggest that these ancient structures (especially the pyramid of Cheops) were originally erected as space navigation stations - and were built, thanks to the knowledge that someone passed to the Egyptians.

It is possible that the pyramids could also concentrate the energy of the cosmos - to give it back to alien ships.

In 2015, the U.S. automatic interplanetary station Dawn transmitted images of Ceres, a dwarf planet in the solar system, to Earth. On its surface, an object in the form of a pyramid, reaching six kilometers in height (while the radius of the planet itself is 445 kilometers) is clearly distinguishable. Similar pyramids have previously been found on Mars (the height of the largest - about a kilometer). On the basis of these facts some researchers put forward a sensational hypothesis: once in solar system there was a civilization which has mastered space and was engaged in construction of pyramids on the next planets. According to this version, such objects were components of a common navigation system.

Perfect form

Scientists believe that the pyramid is an ideal form for a reusable spaceship that mankind has yet to create and which will have a large interior volume with a minimal surface area. The flat side facets perfectly capture solar energy. The lower face serves for landing, where engines can be placed. Currently, our planet's designers are developing vehicles for movement in outer space not by means of a gas jet, which is familiar to today's rocket technology (this is too costly), but as a result of particle radiation. Such radiation requires a vast flat surface - and the lower face of a pyramidal craft has just such properties.

On Earth, pyramid-shaped tombs have been found in many far-flung places: in Mexico, in the Tibetan mountains, in the Urals, in North America, in the Balkans, in China, etc. They are very similar! Of course, the question may arise: why do aliens need so many navigational signs? Researchers answer: not all such objects were built by space visitors. Legends and myths connect these funerary structures with posthumous journeys of deceased rulers to higher deities (for example, Egyptian pharaohs, after passing a series of tests, went to Osiris, and the Chinese rulers were reunited with the Sons of Heaven). Most likely, ancient people believed that the surest way to get to the gods was to use a vehicle like theirs. That is why the funerary structures were shaped like interplanetary alien ships made in the form of quadrangular pyramids.

Of course, the modern appearance of similar UFOs raises many questions. Why have they started to be noticed only recently? Were they the same - or different objects of identical shape? What can explain their activity? If "flying pyramids" are really the ships of an extraterrestrial civilization, what can we expect from its representatives?

So far all explanations exist only on the level of conjectures and assumptions. And new videos about "flying pyramids" appear in the World Wide Web - both fake and those which are recognized as authentic.

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