VACCINE WARS: Top 7 ways American ‘sheeple’ have been manipulated with VACCINE MISINFORMATION by the dishonest establishment

VACCINE WARS: Top 7 ways American ‘sheeple’ have been manipulated with VACCINE MISINFORMATION by the dishonest establishment

War is a very scary concept, and most people are righteously terrified of nuclear bombs and missiles that can destroy entire nations of people in one fell swoop. Weapons of mass destruction are available to many countries around the globe, and have been used to kill and maim millions of people, mostly civilians, with no choice in the matter. What most people do not realize is that vaccines are biological weapons of mass destruction, used to kill and maim millions of people around the globe on a regular basis, and right now more than ever. What’s worse is that people DO have the choice to not be injected with these WMDs, yet still, they choose to participate in their own demise. Why? One simple answer: Misinformation.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Nuclear bombs, ballistic missiles, and weaponized vaccines

Welcome to the VACCINE WARS of 2022, where the majority of civilians in America have no clue they are under full-scale attack by the politicians in Washington DC who are in cahoots with the highly corrupt FDA, CDC, and WHO. The vaccine industrial complex has been in existence for nearly a century, and the carnage is greater than every war added together, including both World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Natural health advocates are on the front lines right now, getting “blood on their hands” in the fight against the allopathic adversaries of the evil tri-fecta (FDA, CDC, WHO). Whistleblowers, including doctors, scientists and journalists, are making headway exposing the vaccines as the WMDs they really are, but virus mania has brainwashed over 270 million Americans into submission, and the bodies are already stacking up.

From Hitler’s gas chambers to the CDC’s gene therapy suicide injections

Just as Adolf Hitler used propaganda to persuade and coerce millions of Germans into believing in his war dogma, the communist Biden Regime and the US regulatory agencies have coerced 270 million Americans into accepting the use of WMDs on themselves, in the “fight against the pandemic.” It’s a slow walk into the gas chambers, but instead of pesticides infesting the lungs, it’s spike protein prions infesting the vascular system.

Thanks to a century-old, deep-seeded misinformation campaign full of fear-mongering propaganda, two-thirds of Americans are supporting a war that kills themselves, instead of the (fake) enemy they think is out there somewhere (floating around as viral particles). It’s like an entire nation of soldiers falling on their own swords in an effort to protect themselves and their families. At least 750,000 Americans have already died in the vaccine wars, as they volunteered to be experimental guinea pigs for Big Pharma.

Vaccines are weapons of mass destruction, causing heart attacks, strokes, cancer, autism, myocarditis, blood clots, and sudden adult death syndrome. The ammunition is either a payload of spike proteins (or mRNA–automatic weapons that never stop firing ‘bullets’ that mimic virus particles) that invade the entire blood supply, causing auto-immune destruction and a wave of sicknesses, disorders, and disease.

Vaccine Wars of 2022 and Beyond: Top 7 ways American ‘sheeple’ have been manipulated into ‘fighting’ for their own demise

#1. Sheeple have been brainwashed by the “safe and effective” mantra that’s a bold-faced lie, but has been repeated so many times by the CDC and MSM that most people believe it.

#2. Because the homeopathic theory of vaccines works, they don’t suspect that the US government and CDC have turned them into bioweapons for population reduction.

#3. People believe, and don’t question the establishment, because they’re all already dumbed down enough by the heavy metal toxins in vaccines, fluoride in tap water and pesticides in conventional produce and grains.

#4. People go along because they’re terrified by germs, viruses, bacteria and pathogens that are all part of the virus mania propaganda pandemic.

#5. Fake and faulty clinical trials by Big Pharma are published and easy to find in Google.

#6. Mainstream media, including the TV, newspaper, shill websites and thousands of quack medical doctors and nurses, constantly and fervently recommend them.

#7. People believe because the FDA approves them (or says they’re okay for (EUA) emergency use authorization).

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental “vaccines” that cause blood clots, myocarditis and severe, chronic inflammation.

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