How to remove radiation from water; nuclear detonation maps; inflation skyrocketing and more

How to remove radiation from water; nuclear detonation maps; inflation skyrocketing and more

With NYC Mayor Eric Adams now admitting the recent nuclear survival PSA video was released out of fear of a Russian nuclear missile strike against New York City, we’ve decided to address a critical, practical topic for people who may find themselves in the fallout zone: How do you remove radiation from water?

The answer to that question is actually simpler than you might suppose, and I cover it in the first section of today’s podcast below. What most people don’t realize is that water itself can’t be made highly radioactive. H2O is just hydrogen and oxygen, of course, and although there are heavier isotopes of oxygen (with atomic masses of 17 and 18), they are stable and not radioactive. They can be used as isotopic markers in medical scans, but they don’t emit radiation themselves.

When you realize that H2O can’t be made radioactive, you come to understand that what makes water radioactive is the contaminants suspended in the water, not the water molecules.

If you mix powdered cesium-137 into water, for example, all the water seems radioactive. But it’s really just the cesium-137, not the H2O. Cesium is an element (Cs) just like oxygen is an element. If you remove the cesium, you remove the contaminant that’s radioactive, and you end up with clean H2O.

Thus, you don’t need a special “anti-radiation” water filter to remove radioactive elements from water. Most high-quality filters will do the trick, as they remove lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, pesticides and other toxic elements or molecules as well.

Coming soon: ICP-MS lab tests on the cesium removal capabilities of over a dozen major water filters

Right now, I’m gearing up to run ICP-MS tests (mass spectrometry) on the cesium removal capabilities of major water filters, including the Berkey, Katadyn, REI camping filters and more. We are going to use cesium-133 as the stable isotope for this experiment, and we will publicly release the results in a few weeks, along with percent removal ratings for the water filters we test.

My initial assessment on this, by the way, is that most quality water filters are going to remove cesium contamination with very high efficiency. We will back this up with actual lab numbers and let the data speak for itself.

Note that when the filter element is effective at removing the cesium contamination, it will concentrate the radioactive cesium in the filter element itself. This means your filter element is now radioactive. For this reason, you may wish to stock up on extra filter elements because you would likely want to swap them out with greater frequency than usual. In addition, you would want to treat this filter element as a hazardous, radioactive item, and follow all sensible guidelines for how to dispose of it, etc. Obviously, you don’t want to keep this in your house or anywhere near you, once it reaches a high enough concentration of radioactive elements. For this reason, you will want a Geiger counter or meter of some kind that can detect the beta decay emitted by cesium-137 as it decays into barium.

See the following cesium-137 decay chain chart. It shows the beta decay to two isotopes of Barium-137:

How to remove radiation from water; nuclear detonation maps; inflation skyrocketing and more

Cesium-137 is the most treacherous contaminant affecting the food and water ecosystems following nuclear accidents or weapons. It persists in soils, waterways and cow’s milk, among other things. It mimics potassium in physiological pathways, and if you consume cesium-137, it will get incorporated into your body’s cells, making you internally radioactive and sharply increasing your risk of cancer and / or radiation poisoning.

Cesium-137 has a 30-year half-life and contaminates soils and waterways for roughly 300 years. If Russia launches a nuclear strike against New York City, the entire New York and New Jersey region will be uninhabitable for three centuries.

NYC video says nothing about iodine, cesium filtration, bugging out or anything useful

What’s especially shocking to me is that the NYC official video warning residents about a nuclear strike offers no guidance at all about filtering cesium out of water, using iodine to protect your thyroid, acquiring radiation meters, bugging out, using dietary supplements to sweep radiation out of the body (from the digestive tract) and other useful information. It’s as if the NYC government just wants everybody to die. That’s why I call their video a “suicide checklist” for how to die in a nuclear attack.

If you want to live, keep listening to alternative media, where we not only understand the science, we want humanity to survive the genocide being carried out by globalist governments.

Hear today’s full podcast here, which also covers rising inflation and the coming crash in used auto prices (as well as home prices as the Fed keeps raising interest rates).

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