UK authorities now trying to target CHILDREN with monkeypox vaccines, even though monkeypox is primarily spread through gay sexual behavior

UK authorities now trying to target CHILDREN with monkeypox vaccines, even though monkeypox is primarily spread through gay sexual behavior

In a mad rush to unleash another round of mystery “vaccine” injections from Big Pharma, the powers that be are once again using children as an excuse to drive fear and hysteria over so-called “monkeypox.”

In the United Kingdom, public health officials claim that children will become infected with the gay disease in large numbers by the end of the year unless taxpayers fund a massive purchase of jabs to “halt the spread.”

As many as 200,000 injection doses are needed, they claim throughout the media, in order to keep monkeypox from spreading. This is four times the 50,000 injection doses that are currently on order (Related: Monkeypox got its start in Europe at a massive LGBT perversion festival).

Some 2,000 cases of monkeypox are said to exist in Great Britain. And officials claim that number is doubling every two weeks, particularly among men who engage in homosexual behavior with other men.

Children have zero risk of monkeypox unless they are engaging in illegal sexual activity with adult men, it would seem. And yet public health authorities insist that they have to get jabbed as soon as possible in order to flatten the curve and stop another plandemic from appearing.

“The majority of cases in the UK and in America have been identified with gay men,” one report explains.

“Many members of the LGBTQ community are concerned that these statistics will lead to the stigmatization of the virus and prevent those at risk or suffering from monkeypox from seeking out the medical treatment that they need.”

Deborah Birx says gay men “dancing” at a bar can spread monkeypox

Former Trump administration Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) task force adviser Deborah Birx has already chimed in on the matter, warning that men who are caught “dancing” at gay bars could be at “risk of infection.”

This goes against what the government was saying last week about how monkeypox only spreads through sexual behavior – meaning it is a sexually transmitted disease. The narrative is already changing to suit whatever agenda is afoot with this thing.

Since the fearmongering campaign over monkeypox appears to be stalling, the powers that be are already pulling a think of the children! move by pretending as though children are at risk of monkeypox unless everyone gets injected with the new vaccine.

Fake news reports are already circulating about children magically contracting monkeypox at school, which supposedly resulted in one child having to be sent home after having “contact with a monkeypox case,” whatever that means.

“Parents were advised to refrain from hugging or coming into close contact with their children,” one report explained, suggesting that this is another plandemic 2.0 manifesting in real-time.

“As a result, the vaccinations are now being extended to the young population as well as to adults.”

Hopefully, enough Westerners are wide enough awake from the COVID scam to see the monkeypox scam for what it is. And, hopefully, they reject all the fearmongering over vaccines, avoiding hugging, and other such nonsense.

“Really? A virus that is affecting only men, and only a certain class of men, is a danger to children. That’s what governments are going with?” wrote a commenter at Euro Weekly News.

“Look at the lines for the vaccine in NYC. No kids or women. It’s all men who are part of or fool with others in the alphabet community.”

Another wrote that this is clearly another round of bull excrement that people need to recognize for what it is.

“They are still trying to kill you,” wrote another about how the goal with each of these plandemics is depopulation, not saving lives.

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