Monkeypox spreads at massive LGBT filth festival in Europe

Monkeypox spreads at massive LGBT filth festival in Europe

The media is pinning the spread of monkeypox in Europe on a massive LGBT festival attended by 80,000 revelers.

The Sun (UK) reported that the island event, which featured a pride parade and other debauchery, is linked to 92 confirmed and dozens of suspected “cases” of monkeypox across the pond.

Imagery of the homosexual extravaganza featured marchers donning “rainbows,” drag costumes, sex shows and other perversions.

In the United Kingdom alone, monkeypox cases doubled in a matter of a week, we are told, increasing from about 20 to 40 cases. “Doctors” are also supposedly warning that the United States, Canada and Australia are next.

“Spain now has the highest number of infections, outside places in Africa where the virus is endemic, with more than 50 known cases,” wrote Aliki Kraterou of the Sun.

“Now authorities are investigating a festival in Gran Canaria after it was linked with a number of cases in Madrid, Tenerife and Italy.”

After scaring you about other people’s breath (COVID), now the Deep State wants you fearful of other people’s skin (monkeypox)

According to El País, a Spanish newspaper, the Canaria Pride festival, which was held in Maspalomas between May 5 and May 15, was a hotspot for the monkeypox.

At least three Italian men reportedly tested “positive” for the virus using the same fraudulent PCR tests that were used throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic to perpetuate fear and hysteria.

“Among the 30 or so diagnosed in Madrid, there are several who attended the event, although it is not yet possible to know if one of them is patient zero of this outbreak or if they all got infected there,” a so-called health source told the paper.

There is another suspected case in Tenerife, and public health services are investigating whether or not there are even more than that.

The three Italian men were reportedly admitted to the Spallanzani Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome for treatment and monitoring.

“These are three young men who say they have not had contact with each other, although two of them do explain that they have recently travelled to the Canary Islands,” said Francesco Vaia, the facility’s director.

Monkeypox is supposedly not transmissible via sex, but it can be passed (or so we are told) through skin-to-skin contact, which occurs during sex.

After more than two years of fearmongering about diseased breath supposedly spreading COVID through droplets, the powers that be are now spreading new fear about skin touching skin. Their apparent goal is to make people scared of touching other people.

The latest narrative is that any outbreak of skin rashes that cannot be explained by anything else might be monkeypox.

Authorities say homosexual and bisexual men are among the transmitters of this alleged disease. Authorities are also claiming that another infection hotspot is the Sauna Paraíso in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid. The country’s Ministry of Health shut down the facility on May 20.

Israel, Norway, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.S., and Canada are all now reporting cases of monkeypox as well.

In New York, health officials say they are investigating suspected cases of the disease. One unidentified patient is said to be in isolation undergoing treatment while awaiting confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Norway is also probing the capital city of Oslo in search of new cases of monkeypox, said the country’s Institute of Public Health.

“A foreigner who visited Oslo from May 6-10 has, after returning home, been confirmed to have been infected,” the agency announced.

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