TOXIC JABS: Potassium chloride in COVID-19 jabs is contraindicated for those with cardiac disorders

TOXIC JABS: Potassium chloride in COVID-19 jabs is contraindicated for those with cardiac disorders

There are many troubling aspects to COVID-19 vaccines, but one that doesn’t get enough attention is the presence of potassium chloride in the Pfizer jab, a substance that is known to compromise heart health.

Of course, not many people are given the vaccine insert and are therefore unaware that it contains this ingredient; even those who are familiar with the vaccine’s makeup cannot say just how much potassium chloride it contains because Pfizer has not disclosed the concentration.

Expose News reports that on the second page of the vaccine’s Safety Data Sheet, potassium chloride appears in the table of ingredients labeled “hazardous.” It has been given a classification in this table of “Acute Tox 5”.

A mineral that is found in many foods, potassium chloride is considered vital for proper heart function. In fact, it is sometimes given to people as a therapeutic to correct low levels of potassium. However, excessive intake can lead to a range of side effects, including severe stomach pain; tingling in the feet, mouth or hands; muscle weakness or limpness; and an uneven heartbeat. Therefore, people using it as a medication must be monitored closely.

When it is injected, however, the potential adverse reactions are even stronger. They include cardiac arrest, ventricular fibrillation, bradycardia, chest pain and other problems. For this reason, potassium chloride is not given via IV to people with cardiac disorders.

This could explain why some people, especially children, are experiencing heart problems like myocarditis after getting COVID-19 vaccines, particularly after getting the second dose. The first dose could be causing a cardiac disorder, which means that injecting them with potassium chloride is contraindicated; when they are given a second dose anyway, their heart damage will only be exacerbated. Therefore, one would expect Pfizer to disclose the concentration of potassium chloride in its vaccines for public safety reasons.

Graphene oxide is another dangerous ingredient found in vaccines

Another dangerous substance found in COVID-19 vaccines is graphene oxide, and it may be capable of passing to unvaccinated individuals via vaccine shedding. These graphene nanomaterials can penetrate natural barriers in the body, such as the blood-brain barrier, and cause damage to internal organs and the central nervous system, triggering cancer, altering gene function and damaging blood.

Forensic examinations and lab reports carried out in the UK of COVID-19 injection vials found evidence of the substance in vials of COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, and these ingredients were not declared by the manufacturer, nor did they appear in their ingredients list. This means people were completely unaware they were being injected with this dangerous substance.

Dr. Mylo Caderian, a Greek scientist and WHO medical contributor, developed a patent for graphene oxide as a bioweapon back in 2015. It’s hard to imagine why a vaccine maker would include a substance that is a potential bioweapon in their formulation.

Biomedicine expert Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen has warned that he is finding graphene and self-assembling nanoparticles in the blood of unvaccinated individuals, and he believes it is being shed by those who have gotten the jabs.

It is something that is being seen in unvaccinated children whose parents have been vaccinated. In young people, its effects are usually manifested as gastrointestinal complaints. Unfortunately, the damage caused to red blood cells by spike proteins cannot be reversed.

Despite all this toxicity, the CDC and health authorities in several other countries are pushing the masses to line up for yet another booster shot for the “greater good” – which, for many, will be a fourth vaccine full of questionable ingredients that does little, if anything, to stop the transmission of the virus.

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