Dr. John Diamond: Cold fusion technology will save humanity and the planet – Brighteon.TV

Dr. John Diamond: Cold fusion technology will save humanity and the planet – Brighteon.TV

Cold fusion technology is going to save humanity and the planet. Host and theologian Dr. John Diamond made this claim during the July 21 episode of “America Unhinged” on Brighteon.TV.

This breakthrough boiler system technology uses hydrogen to produce low-cost, low-heat, no-combustion, clean energy.

According to Diamond, the technology is set to be released during the International Conferences on Cold Fusion-24 event on July 25 to 28 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

James Martinez, one of the proponents of cold fusion technology, said the event is the first public demonstration of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) or cold fusion outside of a laboratory. The media ecologist noted that a lot of people have already seen this working in a lab for many years.

“So this is a big deal. Usually, technologies like this are disruptive that you don’t see them come out in a format like this. So this is a historical event. This is American technology,” Martinez said. He added that there are other people and countries involved, including a Japanese company called Clean Planet.

But America is the undisputed leader in this technology.

Martinez said the U.S. has done a lot of research behind the scenes for many years, saying that a lot of people have dedicated their lives and careers to getting the country into this position.

According to Martinez, this technology was listed in the National Defense Authorization Act at the beginning of the Donald Trump administration but was secretly removed.

“The American public must be prepared for this cold fusion technology. We need our elected officials, both on the local and national level, to deal with this technology because the American public has a stake in this matter,” Martinez said.

Cold fusion technology is the most important discovery since the wheel

Martinez said this technology is probably the “most important discovery since the wheel” because it will ultimately liberate humanity.

According to Martinez, the cold fusion technology’s development took a long time because the powers that be did their best to destroy the people that discovered it in 1989 and they controlled the output of information about it.

For the past 33 years, people have been working on a solution to essentially liberate the entire human condition and humanity as well as reorganize the way people deal with each other. This technology, Martinez said, will forever change how people do business.

Without question, the arrival of cold fusion technology is a big moment for humanity.

Diamond agreed, adding that this information needs to go out in public because the powers that be are going to kill people to keep things quiet. He said this area of research and everything else around are being destroyed.

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