COVID cases overwhelming New Zealand and Singapore despite strict mask mandates

COVID cases overwhelming New Zealand and Singapore despite strict mask mandates

Believe it or not, there are still some places in the world where people and their governments are fearful about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And in those places, COVID cases are soaring despite ultra-strict “safety” requirements like mandatory masking.

Two countries’ government tyranny in particular, New Zealand and Singapore, are seeing substantial increases in “positive” test results for COVID despite the continued imposition of highly oppressive government tyranny.

An infectious disease expert says mask and lockdown mandates in these two highly restrictive countries “don’t matter” because people are getting infected regardless – or perhaps they are getting infected because they are not living their lives normally and breathing freely the way God intended.

In Singapore, a country that prides itself on being a heartless police state with almost no freedom, cases of the Chinese Virus are surging despite mask mandates still being in place for two years and counting.

“Singapore has never dropped its mask mandates,” said Australian National University infectious diseases professor Peter Collignon. “Masks are required indoors at all times.

Singapore might think itself to be smart and superior with its muzzle mandates, but the data clearly show that it is doing far worse than other countries like Australia, which are mostly back to normal.

“Australians aren’t wearing masks much at all,” Collignon added. “Let’s compare the data.”

That data, it turns out, shows that Australia is much healthier than Singapore, all things considered. Government tyranny, as we have all come to learn, is not the prescription for good health.

Don’t fall for another round of mask mandates, America

Unfortunately for Australia, there is a newfound push to reinstate mask mandates despite evidence from both New Zealand and Singapore showing that COVID face veils do absolutely nothing to prevent disease and actually increase the risk of illness or death.

For now, Aussies, including Aussie students, still have the option to not wear a mask in the classroom if they so choose. But pressure from certain areas of Asia seems to be wearing away at the freedom element that Australia has come to enjoy.

It seems as though both sides of the political aisle here in the United States are finally coming to the realization that masks do not work and were little more than a political stunt aimed at driving a wedge between Americans.

Hopefully, enough people in this country realize that, right or left, masks are a bad idea. And, hopefully, they will look at the data from New Zealand and Singapore before trying to once again join them in their mask insanity.

According to New South Wales Premier Dom Perrottet, seasonal influenza – Australia is currently in its winter season – is a bigger threat than COVID. This means that things are basically back to normal and COVID is over.

“At the moment, the current strand of influenza is more severe than the current strand of covid,” Perrottet told 2GB.

“As we move through the next phase of the pandemic, we need to balance up the competing health issues.”

All available data points to the fact that COVID is basically done and gone. Whatever variants or subvariants remain are a non-issue, at least for people who did not destroy their immune systems with fake “vaccines.”

In Australia, mandatory isolation is still in place for people who test “positive” for COVID. For seven days, an Aussie must remain tucked away from society while the positive test result wanes, making the country an anomaly as most of the rest of the world is done with quarantine.

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