Why are babies in Scotland suddenly dying at a rate that’s 300% higher than normal?

Why are babies in Scotland suddenly dying at a rate that’s 300% higher than normal?

Newborn babies in Scotland are dying at three times the normal rate, and authorities want to know why.

For the second time in six months, a “very unusual” surge in baby deaths is said to be occurring, with the latest wave in March alone clocking in at 18 infant deaths over the course of four weeks.

Last September was the first wave, which saw 21 neonatal deaths reported. (Related: There is also a major uptick in adult deaths among those who are “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus, or Covid-19.)

“The neonatal mortality rate was 5.1 per 1,000 live births in September and 4.6 per 1,000 in March, against an average of 1.49 per 1000 in 2019,” reported The Herald newspaper.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) did admit that the latest death spike is not the result of mere chance. It has not provided even a suspected cause, however, and insists that the September spike “remained a mystery.”

More pregnant women are taking the jab: Is this to blame?

PHS released a report admitting that covid injection uptake has, in fact, increased among expectant mothers as of late, which suggests a link.

The agency also says that testing “positive” for covid during pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of premature birth, however there is no “direct link” between covid surges and these new infant deaths.

As for the September spike in deaths, PHS says that covid infections “did not appear to have played a role.” So, are the jabs to blame?

“The numbers are really troubling,” says Dr. Sarah Stock from The University of Edinburgh, though she, too, claims to not know the reason for them.

Nobody wants to call out the elephant in the room: covid injections. How many of the dead babies’ mothers took the jabs in obedience to the government? Why is this data not being investigated and publicly released?

It would seem prudent to take this into consideration, especially since the two death spikes occurred at a time when covid injections were given the green light to start going into the arms of pregnant women.

“This is a mystery to idiots,” wrote someone at Summit.news about the obvious culprit here.

“The so-called experts or doctors or whatever they call themselves are either really stupid or just lying as they are ordered to do. We know it is from the death jabs; they are doing exactly as planned.”

Another responded that these so-called doctors and experts are more like shamans and witch doctors. At best, they are nothing more than quacks, which is the proper scientific term.

“It sounds like these vaxxed moms are transferring the spike proteins to their children,” wrote another.

“That is what Canadian doctor, Dr. Nagase, warned about some time ago and the CANADIAN NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE promptly shut him down!” responded another.

If it is really true that covid injections shed spike proteins onto the unvaccinated, wrote someone else, then that is clearly what is taking place with these spikes in infant deaths.

“The latest dump from Pfizer stated that the jab should not be given to pregnant women,” expressed someone else.

“The media, doctors, commercials pushing the deadly shots, told the public it was safe. I hope every woman who was affected by the Mengele commune and fan club, sue them all into bankruptcy and demand long prison terms for all those involved.”

Another pointed out that this could be VAIDS (vaccine-induced AIDS) finally starting to take its toll on little ones exposed to the jabs’ contents via their mothers and families.

The latest news about Chinese Virus injections can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from Citizens.news)

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