Science pushes cruel new artificial “cultured” meat that involves slicing into heifers while still alive

Science pushes cruel new artificial “cultured” meat that involves slicing into heifers while still alive

Would you eat “meat” from a petri dish? If “science” gets its way, you may not have a choice in the not-too-distant future.

According to reports, cell-based foods, which they are calling “cultured” to make the idea sound more appealing, is the latest craze that threatens to “completely transform our global food system.”

Move over, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are taking over: In order to “feed the world,” we now apparently need to make fake meat in a laboratory.

The cultured meat industry is said to be growing rapidly. Industry leaders estimate that it will reach an astounding $25 billion by 2030, but only if it is affordable – and more importantly, only if people agree to eat the stuff.

The powers that be are already testing the waters with abominations like “Beyond Meat,” which is accepted within the vegan and other meat-avert subcultures.

Cultured petri dish meat will go a step further by replacing actual meat at the butcher shop with look-alike fake meat developed in a laboratory.

“Cultured meat has all the same fat, muscles, and tendons as any animal,” claims billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates.

“All this can be done with little or no greenhouse gas emissions, aside from the electricity you need to power the land where the process is done.”

Why can’t these lunatics just leave nature alone?

In order to make cultured meat, it is important to note, cells from real-life animals still need to be harvested. In this case, they come from the stem cells of live unborn baby calves.

Mad scientists have to cut or slice into the pregnant mother heifer in order to harvest these cells, which are then thrown into the lab mixer for white coats to manipulate.

Keep in mind that this cutting and slicing process is incredibly cruel and causes immense pain and suffering in the animals – so much for being “sustainable.”

“Tissue engineering,” as they call it, allows for fake cultured meat to resemble real meat in terms of flavor and texture.

“The extracted stem cell lines are then cultivated in a nutrient rich environment, mimicking in-animal tissue growth and producing muscle fibers inside a bioreactor,” explains Great Game India.

“The muscle fibers are processed and mixed with additional fats and ingredients to assemble the finished meat product.”

There is a whole additional process after this that involves replicating the cells, creating cell culture media, and even producing three-dimension “scaffolding” where cultured meat is “built” into something resembling real meat.

Think of it like a 3D printer except for meat. These deranged lunatic “scientists” are recreating meat in their own image, essentially, and hope to peddle it off on the masses as the real thing.

A few billionaires at the top, including Gates, will profit immensely from all this, which of course is why it is being done. They simply use “global warming” and “climate change” as the cover story.

“I’m in a custom leather goods manufacturing business and I wonder how the hides off of this ‘artificial beef’ will hold up?” asked someone at Natural News about the new fake meat craze.

“Will this artificial beef hide be more like Pleather or Naugahyde? Stretchy or stiff?”

Another asked if Gates and others like him are even really human, seeing as how they seem to want nothing to do with anything that is natural, decent, or good.

“The number of billionaire monopolists in a country is a direct barometer to measure the incompetence, corruption and criminality of that nation’s politicians,” wrote another. “The USA is leading the way!”

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