The collapse of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) supply will devastate the trucking industry, which supplies everything else: food, consumer goods, auto parts and more

The collapse of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) supply will devastate the trucking industry, which supplies everything else: food, consumer goods, auto parts and more

In order to get food from farm to fork, and consumer goods of all kinds from factory to retail store, big-rig trucks must constantly traverse the country. What happens, though, when truckers can no longer get the diesel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) they need to keep their trucks running?

This is a question that many truckers and others in the industry are asking among this historic supply chain crunch, which has sent diesel prices soaring and supplies plummeting. And unfortunately, there do not yet appear to be many answers.

Shameek Konar, the CEO of Pilot Flying J, a nationwide chain of truck stops, testified at a recent Surface Board Transportation meeting on April 27 – you can watch his testimony below – that his company’s large fuel stations, which dot the rural landscape, are having difficulties obtaining enough diesel and DEF to supply demand.

With rail lines embargoing product, there is a strong chance that trucking will have to be sharply throttled in the very near future, possibly by 10 percent or more. This will absolutely devastate the consumer market for food and other goods, which will no longer get to stores on time or at all.

“We have metastasizing supply chain crises and economic erosion happening all over the country, and it’s all mostly happening in the background,” writes Chris Bray on his Substack about the issue. “You have to hunt for signs of it, or stumble across them. The news isn’t news, but a way of getting you to look away.”

Instead of focusing on the crisis and trying to remedy it, the corporate-controlled media is focused on all sorts of other distractions that really do not matter in the larger scheme of things.

“Remember this moment,” Bray adds. “Remember, in six months, that we were here, and that the news was about Amber Heard and the Donald Trump is bad theme, which is apparently very important.”

Expect shortages of everything come summer and fall

Konar says that Pilot Flying J is currently in danger of losing about one-third of its total rail shipping capacity, which will strand an astounding 100 million gallons of DEF per year with “each rail car … worth about five million miles of trucking.” He warns that there is no way to replace 100 million gallons of DEF “in any reasonable time frame.”

“You could maybe replace it by next year,” he explained at the meeting. In the meantime, one out of every 10 trucks currently on the road will disappear, absolutely devastating an already tattered supply chain and leaving stores short on supplies like milk, eggs and soap.

“It reminds me of the scene on The Simpson when Lisa tried to warn the class that they were being manipulated by corporate propaganda following a video about Bovine University,” wrote a commenter at Bray’s Substack about the situation.

“In one scene, she was being teased by classmates (zombies) asking if she was going to marry a carrot to which she responded sarcastically, ‘Yes, I’m gonna marry a carrot,’ and the kids took her literally believing they got their ‘gotcha’ moment. Same thing here. Idiots sided with government propaganda clouded by their own cruel arrogance that truckers somehow were the bad guy racists. This is all on purpose.”

Others pointed out that this is all happening by design, having been “predicted” (aka promised) by the Biden regime almost immediately after the Dementia Patient-in-Chief, the deep state’s latest presidential puppet, was installed in the White House.

More related news coverage about the engineered takedown of America’s trucking industry, as well as the global economy, can be found at

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