More proof that corrupt special counsel Robert Mueller was working to protect Hillary Clinton

More proof that corrupt special counsel Robert Mueller was working to protect Hillary Clinton

When special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ‘investigate’ so-called “collusion” between then-President Donald Trump and Russia — a link that was fabricated by the campaign of Hillary Clinton — his probe was sold to the American people as a ‘must-do’ kind of thing because ‘we need transparency in the new administration.’

But in reality, after 18 months and tens of millions of dollars — and several indictments of TrumpWorld figures that had nothing to do with Mueller’s original mandate of ‘find Trump-Russia collusion’ — the special counsel, struggling with his own mental health issues like Joe Biden is now, told Congress essentially, “No, we did not find any link.”

Just last week, another bombshell from that era dropped: Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, testified in a trial involving a Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, that Hillary personally signed off on leaking the lie that the Trump Organization was connected to a Kremlin-backed financial institution, Alfa Bank, via a ‘secret back channel.’

In other words, Mook testified that not only was the claim a lie, but a lie known by Clinton, who authorized it to be leaked to the media — reports that eventually led to an FBI probe as well (even though James Comey’s bureau also knew that the claim was BS).

But wouldn’t Robert Mueller’s team, led by attack dog Andrew Wiessman, have found all of this out during their probe? No, they didn’t. And why? Because they never interviewed Mook.

And why? Well, we know why; because they all knew that the Trump-Russia collusion claim was a hoax, and if they had interviewed Mook, Mueller’s team would have had to reveal that Clinton knew it too.

The Conservative Treehouse adds:

The Clinton hoax is the key takeaway within the testimony of Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, during the Sussman trial.  Of course, every intellectually honest person who watched events unfold already knew that.  However, the DC politicians, institutions of the DOJ and FBI, and the entire corporate media world have been pretending not to know the truth for almost six years.  Now they are in a pretending pickle.

Mr. Mook was legally forced to put the truth into the official record, ironically because the Clinton lawyers needed him to in order to save themselves. A stunned Jonathan Turley writes about the revelation HERE.  Meanwhile the journalists who received Pulitzer Prizes, for pushing the manufactured Clinton lies that Mook now admits, must avoid any mention of the testimony in order to maintain their ‘pretending not to know things‘ position.

Current Special Counsel John Durham dug and discovered the truth behind the origins of the Trump-Russia hoax via the trial of Sussmann, who has been charged with lying to the FBI by telling an official he wasn’t working on behalf of any client when he spread the lie though he was working on behalf of Clinton’s campaign. And with each new revelation comes a thousand “I told ya so’s” to the small group of congressional researchers, all Republicans, who found this same evidence trail years ago.

“The Clinton campaign lying is politics. The Clinton campaign selling lies to the media is slimy, but nonetheless, politics,” The Conservative Treehouse noted. “The media pushing those lies only showcases how corrupt they are in supporting their political allies. However, the Clinton campaign selling those lies to the FBI is a bit more problematic; thus, the trial of Sussmann.”

But having noted all of that while also accepting the pretense of the lie, no one else has pointed out the obvious:

How did Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann spend 2 years investigating Trump-Russia; with a team of 19 lawyers, $40 million in resources, 40 FBI agents, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and 500 witnesses; and not find out that Hillary Clinton created the hoax they were investigating?

There is only one answer: The Mueller probe, which involved many of the same Justice Department and FBI officials who promoted the hoax in the first place, was nothing but an operation to cover up DOJ malfeasance.

With that, it’s important to note that our system isn’t broken, folks, it’s been corrupted by bad people.

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