Pfizer tells federal judge that Pfizer owns the federal government and is thereby immune to normal contract law

Pfizer tells federal judge that Pfizer owns the federal government and is thereby immune to normal contract law

Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns the Federal Government and Is thereby Immune to Normal Contract Law

(Article by Paul Craig Roberts republished from

Pfizer affirms that its agreement with Washington under “Other Transaction Authority” permits Pfizer to violate clinical trial regulations and federal laws protecting the public.

In other words, Pfizer has legal authority to commit fraud that kills people. 

As I have explained on many occasions, the US government is privatized. It is run by private interests whose representatives are found on the SEC, FDA, EPA, Federal Reserve,  and all other regulatory agencies.  As George Stigler made clear 60 years ago, the US regulatory agencies are captured by the industries they are supposed to regulate.  The power of private interests also comes from the fact that private interests are the financers of political campaigns.  Every elected official—House, Senate, President—and every state and local official knows he/she is in office because of the campaign contributions.  This means that elected officials are responsible to their donors, not to the voters.  The power of private interests was reinforced by the US Supreme Court decision that gave essentially unlimited ability to corporations to purchase government to serve their interests. 

This is the real picture of today’s United States.  The US is a country that can only serve private interests, never the public interest, itself a hard interest to define in a country in which Identity Politics is pervasive. 

In America today, the public interest is “whose interest?”  Multiculturialism can never result in a united interest.  Today there are an array of interests trying to have it all while suppressing other interests. The feminists, once a powerful force, are losing to the “transgendered.”  Even former feminist heros are now cancelled and deplatformed.  White Americans, branded “aversive racists,” have lost out to blacks who have been granted legal preferences, thus violating the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which was passed for the explicit purpose of establishing the equal protection of law. Formerly sacrosanct heterosexuals now answer to formerly criminal homosexuals and are required to take “sensitivity training” to learn deference to homosexuals, preferred minorities, and transgendered claimants.  Today the discrimination is against the white heterosexual male who is labeled a “domestic terrorist” unless he joins in the persecution of white heterosexual males and did not vote for Donald Trump. The US Democrat Party has defined its rival, the Republican Party, as the party of white supremacists, the party of “Trump deplorables.”

The society that exists in the US today is so split that it no longer constitutes a country. There is NO UNIFYING BELIEF OR PRINCIPLE.  The United States has become a Tower of Babel, and the Americans are unaware of who brought this affliction upon them and the societal collapse that it is bringing.

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