Laws of Life: God heals the people who go through brokenness and tragedies – Brighteon.TV

Laws of Life: God heals the people who go through brokenness and tragedies – Brighteon.TV

Author and speaker Theresa Westbrook believes God will always find a way to bring purpose to everyone’s life, including those who had been broken and scarred by tragic events.

“It is not God that causes these tragedies. It’s God that heals people who go through tragedy and bring a purpose and bring something redemptive out of this brokenness and tragedies,” Westbrook told host Judge Fred Mosely during the May 17 episode of “Laws of Life” on Brighteon.TV.

The host and producer of TV show “Time with Theresa” graced Mosley’s program to talk about the book “Shattered: God Heals Broken Hearts,” which she co-authored with Tamara Roberts.

Westbrook said her third book is a compilation of stories of people whose lives were shattered – those who have gone through hardships and their hearts broken into pieces. The book shares the remarkable stories of people who overcame their challenges and how the Lord picked up all the pieces and put them together in a beautiful way.

Mosely, who is the founder and executive director of Justice Ministries International, said: “God will use some circumstances in our life that God knows that has to be dealt with in order for Him to get the best out of our life. When God delivers, He does not only deliver us but He plans also to restore us. And we are restored even better than we were before the challenge came forth.”

One’s tragic story can make others thankful and humble

The book features the story of contributor Justina Page, a burn victim from a fire that destroyed her family’s home and took the life of one of her young sons.

Westbrook said Page became a woman filled with hope and joy when God restored her hope after going through years of recovery and restoration. She added that Page’s family has also been restored and they now have a non-profit organization that helps burn victims.

The book also shares the story of chaplain Randy Cole, who faced a medical crisis in his own life during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. She said that Cole had a hard time breathing when he went into the tent of COVID patients. Cole overcame it with God’s help and he was able to pray and minister to those people.

Mosely pointed out that that it’s not embarrassing to tell some of the most intimate matters of one’s life. He said that a believer’s personal testimony can move into the life of a person and give encouragement.

The “Laws of Life” host added that a person’s tragic story can make others thankful, humble and willing to pray for those who are going through traumatic situations.

Westbrook agreed, adding that God can take people through a healing journey. While she would always encourage Christian counseling, Westbrook said people should first go to God because He is the greatest counselor of all.

The TV host urged people to surround themselves with individuals who really love and understand them and who believe in miracles and who know how to pray.

Westbrook also encouraged believers to give forgiveness and maintain their love for God, for themselves and for other people during their time of shattering. She added that believers should never allow the enemy to take away the joy and faith that they have in God.

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Watch the full May 17 episode of “Laws of Life” below. “Laws of Life” with Judge Fred Mosely airs every Tuesday at 11-11:30 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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