Psaki Trashes Governor DeSantis For Continuing to Push for Monoclonal Antibody Treatments After FDA Blocks Life-Saving Medicine from State (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday trashed Governor Ron DeSantis for continuing to push for life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments.

The Washington Post reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will sharply restrict the use of two monoclonal antibody treatments.

The Biden Administration halted distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly because they are ‘ineffective against Omicron.’

The Biden Regime blocked Florida from receiving life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID patients.

The treatments have proven to be very effective in the treatment of the coronavirus.

This is like something Stalin would do.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) lashed out at the Biden Regime for blocking the life-saving treatments from being distributed in his state.

Psaki trashed Governor DeSantis for fighting for Floridians and continuing to push for life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments.

“Let’s just take a step back here just to realize how crazy this is,” Psaki said trashing DeSantis and arguing monoclonal antibody treatments are dangerous because they have side effects.

Psaki absurdly claimed Covid vaccines and boosters are more effective than monoclonal antibody treatments.

The regime would rather see people die than give DeSantis and Florida more good press.


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