“I Have Had Every Symptom You Could Dream Of” – Bedridden Aussie Mayor Opens Up About Immune Reaction After Receiving COVID Vaccine

An Australian mayor is bedridden and has spent time in and out of the hospital after suffering a severe reaction to her second COVID vaccination, the West Australian reported.

Mayor Claire Boan of Port Adelaide Enfield opened up about her current condition and described “the new normal” in her life on her Facebook account last week.

According to the mayor, she’s been in bed for more than 35 days due to an immune reaction after receiving her second COVID shot.

“I have had every symptom you could dream of and my body continues to display new ones; it’s been exhausting for my body, traumatic for my family, and difficult for my mind,” the mayor said.

Here is her full statement:

This is my 35th day of receiving breakfast in bed. It’s usually a treat reserved for Mother’s Day or my birthday but for over a month, it has become the new normal in my life. Last night, I couldn’t put my kids to bed or check on them as they slept at night, and I haven’t done that for over a month, either.

I didn’t share any happy photos of Christmas or trips to the beach, no holidays in our camper, or smiles when we received our new baby guinea pigs.

Social media has been a place I’d share positive life experiences, celebrating achievements or funny anecdotes of our days. I usually keep the s#*t times pretty tight and share them with only my closest companions.

That is up until now…

I’ve been laid up in bed and in and out of the hospital with an immune reaction to my second vaccination. I have had every symptom you could dream of and my body continues to display new ones; it’s been exhausting for my body, traumatic for my family, and difficult for my mind.

For 2 years now, I’ve been speaking against the constant voices of fear being broadcast from all directions; and, in more recent times, the division rising across our country and community. So, as I lay in bed feeling next to useless, I’m continuing to find ways to share a voice of kindness and hope. True leaders are encouraging, empathetic, honest, demonstrate true courage, and admit faults or wrongdoings. I’ve been learning a whole new level of vulnerability throughout this time; something I’ve spoken about many times over but am now understanding a whole new level of what this means. Good leaders know how to share about vulnerable times, too.

So, as one day rolls into the next, with no understanding of when I’ll be able to play with my kids, run on the beach, cook a family dinner or spend time in my garden (and of course then return fully to the most wonderful job I have the privilege of having), I want to leave a reminder with you all. Please…Be kind. Show empathy. Demonstrate an open heart. Be the best you.

When are the Aussies going to wake up and realize that the vaccines are not safe and effective?

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