Russia. Siberia. Temperature in Oymyakon dropped to -60C

Russia. Siberia. Temperature in Oymyakon dropped to -60C

The coldest continuously populated locality of about 500 people in northeastern Yakutia has the strictest rules about when schoolchildren can miss winter classes. In contrast to the rest of Yakutia, high school students in Oymyakon are obliged to attend classes if the temperature does not drop below -55C.

Younger schoolchildren, aged seven to eleven, are only allowed to stay home if the temperature drops to -53C. If the temperature is below that mark, skipping school is not justified.

This week, all 107 students at the Oymyakon Nikolai Krivoshapkin High School missed classes on Wednesday and Thursday.

Russia. Siberia. Temperature in Oymyakon dropped to -60C

-60C air temperature on 2 December 2021 in Oymyakon, Yakutia, the place also known as the world’s Pole of Cold

The wooden school was built in 1932; it serves Oymyakon and two nearby villages – Khara Tumul and Bereg Yurde.

Lessons begin at 9 a.m., when it is still dark, since the December sun does not rise until 10 a.m., and end at 5 p.m., when it is already dark.

Students walk to school with their parents and often with dogs; students from neighboring villages take the bus. The trip takes about fifteen minutes.

We at The Siberian Times got a special welcome from two high school girls, Vera Shpneva and Sayana Vinokurova, who took a short break between zumba lessons to have a -60C hot water “fireworks show.”

Today the temperature is -60C, very cold, and we’re not in school, although Zoom lessons are still going on.

We would like to run out quickly to shoot a short video of hot water fireworks for you as a special greeting from -60C in Oymyakon!” said Sayaana.

A recipe for hot water fireworks from Sayana and Vera (you may have to visit Yakutia for this!): “Take a cup of hot water, make sure the outside temperature is below -35C, and gently (!) toss hot water into the air to create a stunning ‘fireworks display’ overhead.”

In other regions of Yakutia, schools stay open until -50C, and elementary school students can skip classes at -45C.

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