Ever since introducing vaccine passports, covid cases in Germany have gone parabolic

Ever since introducing vaccine passports, covid cases in Germany have gone parabolic

(Planet Today) The seven-day rolling average of new “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has surged in Germany despite the country having one of the strictest mask mandates in the world.

Dr. Eli David, an artificial intelligence (AI) and “deep learning” specialist, tweeted an image (see below) showing a parabolic spike in new cases of the Fauci Flu starting around the beginning of November – right when millions of people were getting “vaccinated.”

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

While the number of weekly cases has ranged from 0 to 25,000 max throughout the plandemic, November saw a meteoric rise to upwards of 60,000 cases – basically off the charts.

“Thanks to its draconian Covid passport and the strictest mask mandate in the world, Germany finally flattened the curve, but along the wrong axis,” joked David.

Hospitalizations are also surging in Germany now that the country has reached one of the high “vaccine” compliance rates in the world.

If what Tony Fauci said about “herd immunity” is true, then Germany should already be covid-free. Instead, Germany now has one of the worst case rates anywhere in the world.

“The situation over here feels like a bad joke,” responded someone from Germany to David’s graph. “And now vaccine mandates are coming.”

Unmasked, unrestricted Sweden has lowest case rate in Western world

Another Twitter user put up an interesting graph (see below) depicting Johns Hopkins University (JHU) CSSE COVID-19 Data, which shows that the country with the lowest seven-day rolling average of new Fauci Flu cases is none other than Sweden.

Sweden, as you may recall, bucked the trend by never imposing a mandatory lockdown, never forcing people to wear masks, and never forcing anyone to get injected. As a result, it is the healthiest country in the Western world right now.

The worst-off country, on the other hand, is Austria, which recently became the first country in the world to mandate the jabs on its citizens.

There appears to be a direct correlation between forcing people to block their breathing passage and take fake “vaccines,” and increased rates of disease and death. If only those making all the decisions would look to the science rather than their own plandemic fearmongering.

“If this was a company, heads would roll (or they should) for gross incompetence,” wrote one person in response to the German graph showing a massive spike in new cases following a massive spike in new plandemic restrictions.

“Why won’t politicians hold their hands up and admit mistakes (catastrophic ones) have been made? People must be allowed to change their mind.”

Someone else responded to this person by explaining that politicians “serve no purpose” that actually benefits the people they supposedly represent.

“Are they using the right masks?” asked another jokingly about the situation in Germany. “Maybe they need two or three.”

Several others posted graphs from South Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere, all depicting the same thing: a massive spike in cases following new draconian restrictions and mandates.

“Cases don’t mean deaths,” noted another. “The media loves to scare people with ‘covid cases.'”

Yet another modified David’s graph to add a curve specifically for people over the age of 18 who took at least one dose of Chinese Virus injection. This line shows an even more dramatic uptick in new daily cases since around April when the jabs were first starting to really get into people’s arms.

“Not only flattened the curve, but also a ‘booster’ for a pleasant and free society,” joked another commenter along with a video (see below) showing police abuse in Germany over the mandates. “The cure is worse than the disease.”

More of the latest news about the Chinese Virus can be found at Pandemic.news.

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