Wave of disease spreading across Germany, central Europe despite high covid “vaccination” rates

Wave of disease spreading across Germany, central Europe despite high covid “vaccination” rates

(Planet Today) An “enormous, record-breaking covid wave,” to quote LewRockwell.com‘s Vasko Kohlmayer, is ravaging Germany and much of central Europe, despite the fact that this region is already highly “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

With current jab uptake hovering between 65-70 percent, Germany and its neighbors should already be mostly covid-free, or at least on a covid downtrend. Instead, more “cases” than ever before during the plandemic are being reported.

Phony government “doctor” Tony Fauci, as you may recall from late last year, promised the world that an injection rate of between 60 and 70 percent would achieve “herd immunity.” So what happened?

The answer is that Fauci lied and millions have died. Not only that, but the Chinese Virus is now making a huge comeback thanks to his highly deceptive shot rhetoric.

“Nearly two years into the pandemic, people in many places have been extensively exposed to the virus and as a result possess natural antibodies,” Kohlmayer writes.

“Therefore, inoculating, let’s say, 65 percent of the population with a good vaccine should result in overall immunity in the region of 80 percent. With this kind of immunity level, we should expect, if not elimination of the disease, then certainly a considerable decline in its occurrence.”

“It is, however, now amply clear that despite its high vaccination ratios Europe is nowhere close to achieving the promised relief. Not only that, but things are, in fact, much worse than they were at this time last year when there were no vaccines around.”

The “vaccines” are clearly making people sick

If everything the government and the mainstream media, not to mention the previous administration, have been saying for the past two years was accurate, then the plandemic would already be over. Instead, it appears it has only just begun.

The more shots that get dispensed into people’s bodies, the more illness we see spreading. And the more illness that spreads, the more the governments of the world will impose further restrictions and punishments against the people.

This is already the case in Germany, France, Austria, Australia, Lithuania and other Western countries that are trying to force their citizens to show proof of injection in order to dine out or go to the movies. In some cases, unvaccinated people are not even allowed to buy food at the grocery store anymore.

How did we get here? What happened to “two weeks to flatten the curve?” Why are people largely putting up with all this without even the littlest bit of a fight?

The answers to this vary depending on the country. In central Europe, it is unclear precisely why the people of Germany and Austria specifically are allowing themselves to be imprisoned by their own governments even after complying with the jab mandates.

In Germany, around 68 percent of the population is now “fully vaccinated” while more than 70 percent have received at least one injection. Even so, the country is supposedly experiencing record case counts.

Austria has similar “vaccination” numbers and just like Germany, disease is spiking to never-before-seen levels, based on the official data.

Switzerland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and others are also seeing similar waves of illness following their mass injection programs.

“Watching these numbers, one cannot but feel deeply concerned, especially since the death rates tend to peak in the December-January period,” Kohlmayer warns. “Given the record high case figures in central Europe, these countries may be in for some very dark times in the weeks ahead.”

The latest news about the failure of Chinese Flu shots to eliminate disease as promised can be found at Deception.news.

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