APOLOGIES DUE: Now that mainstream media admits Covid vaccines are failing, where are all the apologies and retractions for false claims?

(Planet Today) When guilty criminals confess to their crimes, they are then tried in court for those crimes and, if indeed found guilty, pay fines and/or serve jail or prison time. Whether a criminal is guilty of armed robbery, aggravated rape, arson, dealing experimental drugs or murder, the prison time can get lengthy, depending on how many “counts” they are found guilty of by judge and jury. Any accomplices who assisted in the planning, carrying out or conspiracy to commit those crimes is also guilty, and that brings us to the vaccine industry and the complicit mainstream media pushing dirty, dangerous, deadly Covid vaccines.

(Article by by: S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com)

Apologies, retractions, lawsuits, prison time heading the way of the guilty

Just recently, a Bloomberg article admitted that vaccinated people appear to be getting Covid at a surprisingly high rate. They also conceded that vaccinated people may be MORE vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought. You don’t say?

Then some UK and BBC-related headlines are confessing to other vaccine-induced crimes, wondering now if simply catching Covid is less of a health risk than getting more vaccines. It makes even a half-witted human wonder, wouldn’t simply catching the virus be much SAFER than getting spike protein injections every few months, forever?

How many vaccine pushers knew this was coming and coerced millions of people to run out and get jabbed with blood-clotting vaccines? Who’s guilty of promoting deadly concoctions, like Covid vaccines?

Isn’t this the same as dealing Fentanyl or promoting that children, teens and college students take it, since it’s experimental, like vaccines? Are these media hacks that are helping sell vaccine fanaticism, and telling everyone it’s a wonder drug that works miracles, shouldn’t they all face lawsuits, fines and prison time? They’re committing a crime, and it’s pre-meditated, where the victims suffer horrific health detriment and/or die.

Confess to the crime, do the time

It’s time to sentence those guilty of pushing the deadly Covid vaccines. The vaccine industry dug itself a deep hole, and everybody with a “shovel” in their hands is guilty as charged (media pundits, journalists, doctors, nurses, scientists, hospital administrators, university and school personnel, and the list goes on). They’re already admitting the vaccines are a complete failure and everyone will need a booster every 6 months, minimum.

It wasn’t long ago that if any mainstream media talking head so much as questioned the narrative that all vaccines are 100 percent safe and 100 percent effective, they got fired from their job and banned across all social media platforms. Now they’re outright admitting the vaccines are dangerous while still pushing them on pregnant women.

These vaccine pushers will say anything they’re told to say, and they’re like drunk drivers that crash and murder people. They need to be charged with involuntary manslaughter, since science proves 4 out of 5 pregnancies in the first two trimesters get TERMINATED by spontaneous abortion right after the mother gets a Covid jab.

Just take a look at Israel, where nearly every citizen has been stabbed with the Covid concoction, a.k.a. “clot shots,” and the Covid pandemic has gotten worse. Way worse. Massive outbreaks there among the vaccinated prove that mainstream media, the CDC, Fauci, and all the talking heads on TV were dead wrong.

For all the liars and the vaccine pushers, if the law doesn’t get you, karma will. Tune your smart device to Pandemic.news for updates on the upcoming “booster” vax-termination agenda and other crimes against humanity involving spike-protein-bioweapons.

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