Flooding situation in Bihar state of India worsens

This year’s monsoon season has arrived in some parts of India a little earlier than usual. While urban areas such as Mumbai near bodies of water face power outages and road closures due to rising waters, rural Indian residents living near rivers are dying, losing their livelihoods and homes.

Several villages in the Indian state of Bihar were flooded due to a strong monsoon, disrupting the normal life of local people. At least 21 people died as a result of rains and floods, including lightning strikes.

The Bihar administration has not yet set up relief camps for villagers who have been displaced from their homes.

Police officer Rajiv Rajak of Bihar’s Lauria district said that while flooding of the state’s coastal areas is not uncommon during the monsoon, this year the rains came early and people were unprepared.

“Usually monsoons come to the state in July-August, but this year the downpours started intensifying as early as June. People weren’t prepared. It has been raining continuously in several parts of Bihar for the last few days.

Almost all the villages along the banks of the Ganges, Koshi and Burkha Gandak rivers flowing through Bihar are experiencing problems and have to move to drier areas,” said the officer.

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