A “cold front” hits South Africa

There are reports of flooding and landslides as another cold front passes through Cape Town, South Africa

Emergency services in Cape Town are responding to reports of landslides, flooding and uprooted trees, following the arrival of another cold front.

The city of Cape Town’s disaster risk management agencies have been put on high alert as stormy winds and heavy rain hit the city.

Disaster Risk Management spokeswoman Charlotte Powell said all services are prepared for any effects of adverse weather conditions.

“We are encouraging residents to help reduce the risk of flooding by cleaning drainage systems, raising the floor level of the structure so that it is above the natural ground level, preparing sandbags and digging trenches around the house to drain the water.”

Powell added that Hospital Bend suffered landslides and nearby Anzio Road was flooded.

“The city highway department and road department are assessing the situation.”

In the Devil’s Peak area, a landslide was reported on private property.

“We also received reports of uprooted trees on Main Road Claremont and in Plumstead. Work is also underway in Hyelitsch to assess the situation after reports of flooding in the townships,” she said.

Traffic officials were working the roadsides, and motorists were urged to drive slowly and increase their driving distances.