Yes, covid vaccines are spreading variants

(Planet Today) Are Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” spreading those dreaded “variants” about which the mainstream media keeps fearmongering? You bet.

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Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and professor, says that the injections are triggering a phenomenon known as “antibody-dependent enhancement,” or ADE, that once fully “activated” will eventually kill everyone who gets reprogrammed by it.

Though most mainstream epidemiologists are ignoring this elephant in the room, Montagnier warns that the variants are a product of the injections, not some airborne “mutation” caused by people who are not vaccinated as the media is suggesting.

The true disease spreaders are those who received a Chinese Virus injection or two and who are now interacting with others at the grocery store, the library, the church sanctuary, and anywhere else they go about their business.

Montagnier made this bombshell admission during a recent interview with Pierre Barnérias of the French Hold-Up Media. It was translated into English by the United States-based RAIR Foundation.

As we reported last spring, Montagnier was one of the first to publicly warn that the Chinese Virus was not a natural phenomenon, and that it had actually been spliced with DNA from HIV to make it more dangerous.

Montagnier knows a lot about HIV, seeing as how he was also the first to discover it back in the day. Since then, he has come forward with some shocking revelations that go against the grain of what the media is reporting, but that ring far truer than anything the television talking-heads have to say about the matter.

Lancet study reveals that covid vaccines increase risk of HIV

It is simply impossible, Montagnier stated, that the Wuhan Flu developed HIV capabilities all on its own in nature or through bats at a wet market. The novel virus was clearly developed in a laboratory, which we now know was funded by none other than America’s leading fake doctor, Anthony Fauci.

A group of Indian scientists actually published a study on the HIV components that were inserted into the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), only to have that study forcibly retracted by the powers that be for containing “misinformation.”

Another study published in The Lancet found that Chinese Virus injections actually increase the risk of acquiring HIV, which in turn increases the risk of testing “positive” for the Wuhan Flu.

The nation of Australia actually scrapped a Chinese Virus injection agreement after it was revealed that several participants in the vaccine trial tested positive for HIV post-injection.

All of this is why Montagnier declared the vaccine push an “unacceptable mistake,” which is actually a bit too kind seeing as how none of this is accidental. There is clearly a eugenics and depopulation agenda at play that will affect every person on the planet, including those who refuse the jab, recognizing it for what it truly is.

“The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants,” Montagnier says.

“There are antibodies created by the vaccine” that force the virus to “find another solution” or die, he says. This is how the variants are created, as “a production and result from the vaccination.”

By the time most of the world figures this all out, it will already be far too late. People will more than likely be dropping dead in the streets from post-injection disease as they shed deadly “spike” proteins onto the unvaccinated, potentially causing them to also get sick and die.

“I believe there is another reason as to why Covid-19 came into existence in Wuhan and that’s from 5G because nothing is being said about 5G being the culprit,” one commenter at Great Game India wrote. “It’s the only explanation that makes sense.”

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