Vaccine “spike” proteins are spreading more disease

(Planet Today) The “science-based medicine skeptics” having a fit over the fact that people are learning the truth about how Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are shedding deadly “spike” proteins that trigger more disease.

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In a post by Steven Novella, one of the know-it-alls over at Science-Based Medicine, he admits that Chinese Virus spike proteins “can cause some of the harm of COVID-19 by themselves,” which is important “in our understanding of the disease.”

While it was previously believed by “science” that a transmissible virus is what was causing people to get sick, the prevailing narrative seems to be shifting in favor of the virus “spikes” causing the real damage.

Novella describes these spikes as “the business end of these viruses,” giving them the ability “to target, latch onto, and enter the cells that it infects.” Spike mutations, he adds, are also what differentiates one virus “variant” from another.

He then cites a study suggesting that these spike proteins are capable of causing illness all on their own, even without an attached virus. This, he admits, is the reason why the Wuhan Flu is “primarily a vascular disease that damages blood vessel walls.”

While certainly not his intent, Novella’s lengthy piece actually affirms the fact that Chinese Virus injections, which contain mRNA coding sequences for the spike proteins, are a contributor to disease whether the establishment wants to admit it or not.

This is proven by the experiments cited in Novella’s linked study that involved empty protein shells containing spike proteins on the outside but no viral RNA inside. These spike-encrusted shells, or “pseudoviruses,” were injected into test mice intratracheally, resulting in prolific health damage.

“Lung damage was apparent in animals receiving Pseu-Spike, revealed by thickening of the alveolar septa and increased infiltration of mononuclear cells,” the study found. Control mice that received a mock virus with no spike proteins, on the other hand, showed no damage.

The study further found that the spike-encrusted shells bound themselves to the ACE2 receptors on cells, downregulated their function, and damaged the endothelium cells that line lung tissue and blood vessels.

“The damage is apparently caused by effects on the mitochondria (energy producing organelles) in the cells – they change their shape and have reduced function,” the study explains. “They then reproduced these effects in vitro using a culture of lung endothelial cells exposed to the spike protein.”

Covid is a vascular disease, not a respiratory illness

The study cited by Novella also clarifies that the Chinese Virus is a vascular disease as opposed to a respiratory illness as was long claimed by Anthony Fauci and other “experts.” This only further solidifies that the spike protein, rather than the virus, is what is harming people.

And again, if that spike protein is constantly being manufactured by mRNA technology post-injection, then people’s bodies are being bombarded with a synthetic poison that is causing damage to their lungs and vital organs while also potentially triggering strokes and deadly blood clots.

This is where the infamous “third wave” of the plandemic will come from once the injections have had time to run their course in the injected. Mass death will occur once the full scope of this depopulation agenda is realized.

Though Novella would certainly disagree with this assessment – the guys at have never met a vaccine they did not fully approve of, it turns out – his work and the study he cites directly correlates with the work of Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier and others who are warning the public that getting injected is a certifiable death sentence, even if it takes months or years to manifest.

As Novella admits, both the Pfizer and the Moderna injections “produce the full-length spike protein.” He also hints at the fact that these spike proteins could cause harm, though he claims that after hundreds of millions of doses given there have been no “significant side effects.”

The database would certainly disagree with Novella’s assessment, but we will leave it to our readers to investigate that further to make their own determination.

Novella claims that the spike proteins produced by the mRNA injections are “in a fixed state,” which he says renders them “unable to change their confirmation” to bind to cells. Thus, he insists, they are safe and will not cause any harm to the injected.

We are already seeing that this is not the case, however, with hundreds of thousands of people reporting serious injuries post-injection. The jabs are clearly doing something to many people that would be categorized as “significant side effects” if only these “skeptics” were honest about it.

The fact remains that most of these “skeptics” live in a perpetual state of denial and cognitive dissonance concerning their golden calf of vaccination. No amount of evidence, even when presented by their own cherry-picked “authoritative” sources, will ever convince them that an injection could possibly be unsafe.

In his own conclusion, even after admitting that Wuhan Flu jabs produce the very spike proteins identified as causing vascular damage, Novella insists that it “is very unlikely there are any surprises still in store with either of the mRNA vaccines,” adding that the “risk is vanishingly small, while the benefit is clear.”

A year or two down the road will prove this hack to be a wise-in-his-own-eyes fool.

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