WHOA: Blockbuster new video shows Jan. 6 rioters were given OK to enter Capitol by police

(Planet Today) There was always something that did not ‘feel right’ about the Democratic narratives we were being given regarding the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building.

For one thing, despite being attacked by leftist hooligans from Antifa, Black Lives Matter and paid agitators throughout President Donald Trump’s term in office, his supporters never really retaliated.

Like, ever.

(Article by JD Heyes republished from NaturalNews.com)

They certainly did not show up at Democratic presidential campaign events to shout down and beat up on supporters of those candidates, though Trump’s campaign events and his supporters were regularly targeted and assaulted.

Seeing his ‘supporters’ fighting with Capitol Police and rioting on Capitol Hill, the seat of our government, just didn’t look or feel right.

And the more we learn about what happened that day, the more it becomes obvious that what occurred earlier this year during Trump’s final planned address was a massive false flag operation aimed at tarring all of his supporters as ‘right-wing threats to democracy’ and ‘insurrectionists’ for the purpose of initiating legal (and illegal) actions against us.

American Greatness reports:

Newly-obtained video shows United States Capitol Police officers speaking with several January 6 protestors—including Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Q shaman”—inside the Capitol that afternoon.

One officer, identified in the video and confirmed by charging documents as Officer Keith Robishaw, appears to tell Chansely’s group they won’t stop them from entering the building. “We’re not against . . . you need to show us . . . no attacking, no assault, remain calm,” Robishaw warns. Chansley and another protestor instruct the crowd to act peacefully. “This has to be peaceful,” Chansley yelled. “We have the right to peacefully assemble.”

As you can see clearly in the video, Chansely instructs the crowd to behave — to not riot and cause mayhem. And the officer, Robishaw, is completely willing to let the group do that.

But the complaint filed by the ‘Justice’ Department against Chansly, who has been jailed without bond for months, is flat-out a pack of lies.

“Robishaw and other officers calmed the protestors somewhat and directed them to leave the area from the same way they had entered. Chansley approached Officer Robishaw and screamed, among other things, that this was their house, and that they were there to take the Capitol, and to get Congressional leaders,” the complaint alleges.

Adds American Greatness, “The video directly contradicts what government prosecutors allege in a complaint filed January 8 against Chansley.”

Later, in video footage that has been more widely circulated, Chansley is seen entering the Senate chamber with a Capitol Police officer in tow. He would go on to lead several demonstrators in prayer and sit in then-Vice President Mike Pence’s chair.

“Chansley is not charged with assaulting an officer; he faces several counts for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He has been incarcerated since January, denied bail awaiting trial. He has no criminal record,” American Greatness added.

As stated, what happened that day is extremely strange in that it was so uncharacteristic for Trump supporters. There have been other videos appearing to show Capitol Police allowing demonstrators onto the Capitol grounds and into the Capitol building itself — as if that was the plan all along.

Here’s one tweeted by Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly; the officer is clearly waving demonstrators in to the complex.

There is also this. A week after the riot, a trained observer who can spot false flag operations wrote about what he had seen in The Federalist.

“The deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol bore the markings of an organized operation planned well in advance of the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress,” wrote J. Michael Waller, a senior analyst for strategy at the Center for Security Policy.

“His areas of concentration are propaganda, political warfare, psychological warfare, and subversion,” says his bio.

The Jan. 6 Capitol riot was staged: It was a false flag operation designed to entrap Trump supporters and justify criminalizing them for their political beliefs. The tyranny is just beginning.

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