FARMAGEDDON: Microchip supply line collapse hits TRACTORS and farm equipment

(Planet Today) Just in case you didn’t realize the food supply problem could get any worse, major tractor / agriculture manufacturers are now unable to deliver new equipment to retailers because of the shortage of microchips.

Much like modern cars and trucks, today’s tractors, combines and other agricultural equipment use microchips and software to control everything from fuel efficiency to emissions. Because of the global microchip shortage, these agricultural equipment manufacturers are having to sideline their own production, much like Ford is doing with trucks.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

As AgriNews reports:

Travis Jones, the CEO for LHP Telematics, an industry leader focused on creating custom white-label telematics solutions for dealer networks in the off-highway, construction, motor coach and agriculture industries, discussed the implications of the worldwide microchip shortage.

Jones said the reason the massive shortage happened is because at the beginning of the pandemic everything was shut down and the supply of microchips decreased.

The next batch of microchips won’t be ready until June, and they already have enough orders to fill that will quickly use up all they receive, Jones said.

Without new tractors and farming equipment, food production will decline, and that’s on top of the food supply losses already kicking in due to extreme drought in Western states. On top of that, skyrocketing fuel prices and record demand for rail transportation are adding to the costs of food materials and finished food products, causing steady increases in food inflation at the grocery stores.

Some observers expect this global microchip shortage to last for years. And with the Biden regime running its multi-trillion-dollar helicopter money scheme for “covid stimulus,” we now have far more dollars chasing far fewer goods. The end result was never in doubt: Skyrocketing food prices for years to come.

Even worse, food shortages will also decimate grocery retailers, and we expect to see some store shelves stripped bare this calendar year as the commercial food pipelines run dry.

We expect to see food riots in America before the end of this year. This will likely be followed by totalitarian, Venezuela-style, government-run price controls and grocery purchase limits based on biometric scanning. (Mark of the Beast is here…)

Today’s Situation Update discusses additional details about this “farmageddon” scenario that’s rapidly unfolding, and what you can do to counter it:

Read for more daily news about food crops and food supply lines.

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