UPDATE: Natural News apologizes for, and removes, today’s feature article which was misconstrued… full explanation

(Planet Today) Earlier this morning, Natural News published an article calling for Nuremberg-style trials for researchers who use human children for medical experiments.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from NaturalNews.com)

The article called for court hearings, prosecutions and punishments against those carrying out these crimes against humanity, in much the same way that Nazi war criminals were prosecuted.

The article was misconstrued as calling for violence against vaccine researchers, even though it specifically emphasized court-ordered prosecutions and punishments and additionally called for due process so that “society” could decide the punishments for those engaging in medical violence against children.

We now live in an era when anyone calling for a merit-based society founded is accused of “hate speech,” while anyone calling for court-ordered punishments and sentences against people found guilty of crimes against humanity is accused of “calling for violence.”

As a result, Natural News and myself are being viciously attacked for daring to call for prosecutions against those who use human children in medical experiments.

We specifically do NOT call for violence against anyone, as our goal is to end medical violence against children. To end this medical violence, we believe that courts must prosecute those responsible for carrying out medical experiments on children. We do not believe in vigilante justice, and I have emphasized repeatedly that violence is the wrong approach to solving these problems. I have also repeatedly emphasized that I call for myself and others to honor the court decisions on such prosecutions.

Nevertheless, we apologize for not stating our positions more clearly, and we have removed the article in question. We plan to restate this in a more meaningful way that will not be misinterpreted.

The FDA documents presented in the article are, of course, extremely alarming, as they show 86% of children aged 12 to 15 years old suffering adverse reactions from Pfizer covid vaccines. The fact that so many children are being harmed does not seem to bother anyone involved in vaccine research, as they continue to push the use of children as human guinea pigs for dangerous medical experiments.

Those who speak out against this practice are targeted and threatened, as we are being threatened now. There is a war being waged on humanity, and those who are working to protect innocent lives and stop the injection of spike protein bioweapons are being targeted and criminalized.

As the publisher of Natural News, I want to protect innocent life, halt vaccine violence against children, and restore health freedom in America. This is why I am being targeted, and this is why Natural News is being silenced.

Those responsible for crimes against humanity should absolutely be arrested and prosecuted by the courts, as I have consistently called for. Nevertheless, I believe I can do a better job of explaining this concept so I will work to choose my words more carefully in order to contribute to a better understanding of what’s at stake here and the importance of due process for all those involved in these crimes.

I hereby apologize for any misinterpretation of the article in question, and I hope to find ways to use words that contribute to the rational process of society uncovering the truth about these vaccine experiments as well as the proper, court-ordered punishments for those who are found guilty of such crimes against the innocent.

Today’s replacement podcast explains more:


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