Bloomberg writer Clara Ferreira Marques calls for mandatory vaccinations (and PRISON time for refuseniks) to increase spike protein injections that are killing people

(Planet Today) Not enough people are willingly getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), so Bloomberg writer Clara Ferreira Marques is suggesting fines and prison time for the “refuseniks” whom she believes are putting the rest of society at risk.

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Even though getting the “vaccine” admittedly does not even stop the spread of the Chinese Virus, or do much of anything beyond supposedly minimizing the risk of symptoms for those who get it, Marques is adamantly opposed to the idea that there should be any type of freedom of choice when it comes to Wuhan Flu shots.

Marques has adopted a different kind of “science” where Chinese Virus injections only work if everyone gets them. She also mistakenly believes they prevent the spread of the virus when both Anthony Fauci and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say otherwise.

Nevertheless, Marques wants the injections to be plunged into people’s arms at gunpoint, if necessary, to keep everyone “safe.” Anything less and many could die, she suggests, so tyranny could be the only option.

“It’s uncomfortable to argue for obligatory jabs, even in a pandemic that has devastated families globally,” she writes. “Yet if we don’t get to better levels once vaccines are fully and freely available, some degree of compulsion may well be necessary.”

“The benefit is too great, and the risk and sacrifice asked of citizens too small, to ignore.”

Liberals want to “save lives” by forcing injections at gunpoint

When donuts, fast-food hamburgers, and gift certificates to chain restaurants fail to convince at least 70 percent of the population to get injected, Marques suggests first trying the cash bribery approach.

Governments, she says, could simply withdraw large sums of cash from the coffers and hand it out as an “incentive” to those who are vaccine “hesitant.” Ohio launched a program like this recently that involves giving $1 million cash “lottery” prizes to five people who get the jab.

If that is still not enough, Marques says governments could try withholding access from the unvaccinated to schooling and shopping. Failing to procure a vaccine “passport” on demand would limit access to basic goods and services, effectively starving to death those who refuse the vaccine.

According to Marques, the only way to save lives is to take lives through medical fascism. This is what passes for “progress” over at Bloomberg.

“Vaccines are the greatest gift to public health after clean water,” she contends, using this claim as an argument to suggest that the government may have to consider delivering Wuhan Flu shots at gunpoint.

“Full compulsion – which implies fines or even prison, as opposed to simply not getting a benefit or public service – isn’t easily embraced,” she says.

“But the harm principle also suggests that intervention is necessary when there is real or potential injury to others, and the harm here is great – 3.4 million lives lost to date.”

Marques conveniently papered over the fact that nobody last year died of anything other than “covid,” hence how she arrived at that 3.4 million lives lost figure. There was no influenza, heart disease, or any other ailment in 2020, as the Chinese Virus magically became the exclusive cause of death throughout this saga.

According to Marques, every death last year could have been prevented if only there had been injections readily available. Based on this conspiracy theory, she believes it may be necessary to force them on people when that time comes, especially in “wealthy” nations like the United States where there is heavy resistance to the injections.

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