A colossal coverup of countless COVID vaccine “coincidences”

(Planet Today) Back in February, CNN did a “hatchet job” on us. It was nothing but utter lies and nonsense and personal attacks. Then in March, the “Center for Countering Digital Hate” (CCDH) posted their ‘Top 10’ list of Anti-Vaxxers that need to be removed from Facebook and Instagram.

(Article by Ty Bollinger republished from TheTruthAboutVaccines.com)

Yes, you read that correctly! The Center for Countering Digital Hate published a digital “hit list.” Oh, the irony!

Then, the CCCH published their “disinformation dozen“ and released an “executive summary” (ooh, that sounds really official) which calls for us to be deplatformed from social media.

The CCDH has published multiple reports about the dangers of “anti-vaxxers” but it’s interesting that if you actually read the reports, you’ll be struck by the irony that none of the so-called “anti-vaxx arguments” are actually met by solid pro-vaccine counter arguments or data.

As a matter of fact, CCDH does not negate or even debate the accuracy of any of them. It just brushes them aside as “misinformation and lies” without providing any proof whatsoever, then goes on to slander and lie about the “anti-vaxxers” and call for all of us to be silenced.

I’m sorry… did we stumble into Communist China?

I’m happy to report that the communistic techniques of the CCDH actually backfired and one of the “good guys” actually turned this esteemed group of vaccine freedom fighters into the “INFORMATION DOZEN” and created a cartoon with the “superheroes” who are “fighting the war against disinformation.” ?

Over the past few weeks, the medical mafia and their cronies at the ‘Center for Public Integrity’ have begun targeting our family members to try to dig up dirt to smear us! What an oxymoronic name! The Center for Public “Integrity” exhibits zero integrity while trolling for dirt. If you haven’t read it already, our good friend, Mike Adams, wrote an article about this disgusting display of journo-terrorism.

At the end of April, Texas Monthly published a propaganda piece titled “Why a Former Anti-Vax Influencer Got Her COVID-19 Shot” which focuses on Heather Simpson. In the article, Simpson states that she watched a “nine-hour self-described documentary on the ‘truth’ about vaccines produced by Ty and Charlene Bollinger, a hugely influential couple in the world of alternative medicine and anti-vaccine activism.

According to the article, I (Ty) is a “former bodybuilder with no medical background.

Hmmm…. That’s an interesting perspective. If we changed the name and description, we could just as easily say “Bill Gates is a former software thief with no medical background” couldn’t we? Then the author goes on to say that we “profit from books and videos promoting fake cancer cures (and) disinformation about vaccines.

This is a bizarre accusation from a clearly delusional, oblivious, hack “journalist.” Quick question… if a treatment cures a cancer patient, is it “fake”? Because we have interviews with HUNDREDS of cancer patients who were cured, so I guess all of them were cured with “fake” cures that somehow worked? Regarding the asinine comment about us promoting “disinformation about vaccines” well… ummm… just keep reading….

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we also have other so-called “journalists” who are in the process of trying to malign our work and slander our character, even trying to dig up dirt from the early 1990s to try to destroy our reputation. They are concerned that we operate a successful business that actually generates revenues, which I guess is a crime in their delusional reality. Meanwhile, thousands across the globe are dropping dead like flies within days of taking the COVID-19 vaccine, but apparently the sellouts in the lamestream media are more concerned about harming the Bollinger family than helping save lives.

There’s no doubt that more slanderous, hateful “hit piece” articles are on the way …

Then we have insane doctors like Peter Hotez, who equates vaccine skeptics with “cyber criminals” and calls for an armed “counteroffensive” run by law enforcement to target and attack all who oppose vaccines, including vaccine-damaged whistleblowers, apparently.

According to Mike Adams, “Much like an increasing number of hostile doctors and medical researchers who have become dangerous vaccine zealots, Hotez has abandoned any remaining pretense of informed consent and now believes all of humanity should be forced at gunpoint to not merely take all government-mandated vaccines, but to be threatened into silence at gunpoint if they disagree with pro-vaccine propaganda.

Of course, none of these “journo-terrorists” or hostile vaxx-pushing doctors will answer any questions themselves. They’d rather sit in their ivory towers and launch personal attacks and pejoratives rather than debating the issue at hand… and that issue is VACCINE SAFETY!!

That’s why I had to write this article. The haters of humanity don’t want you to know this information. So here it is…. No speculation… just FACTS.


The wife of a Florida doctor who died 15 days after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine told reporters at USA Today and the Daily Mail that her husband was “perfectly healthy” before he got the vaccine. Heidi Neckelmann said her husband, 56-year-old Dr. Gregory Michael, “sought emergency care three days after the shot because he had dots on his skin that indicated internal bleeding.”

Michael received the vaccine on December 18th at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, where he’d worked for 12 years as an OB-GYN. He died on Jan. 3rd after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke related to a lack of platelets, a condition called thrombocytopenia.

In response to Dr. Michael’s death, a study published in February in the Journal of Hematology examined thrombocytopenia (following Pfizer and Moderna vaccination) and researchers could not exclude the possibility that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had the potential to trigger immune thrombocytopenia.

In a story that reveals the boundless levels of surrealism when it comes to these experimental vaccines and related mainstream media narratives, a 48-year-old plastic surgeon is dead after receiving both doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Thomas Flanigan received the first dose on January 6th and he received the second dose on February 3rd. On his Facebook page, apparently mocking anyone who was concerned with vaccine safety, he posted “Second dose. The microchip is working just fine. My mind is slowly being taken over by the hive mind. We are just fine. Resistance is futile.

Dr. Flanigan died April 27th. Sadly, he leaves behind a wife and three children ages 10 to 14.


Across the globe, people are dropping dead like flies after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

In the USA, adverse events are reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Check out the VAERS data from the CDC below.

The adverse events reported in the table above are through April 23, 2021.

• 3,544 Deaths (24% reported within 24 hours of injection) ** Editor’s Note: As of the publish date of this article, deaths now exceed 4,100
• 1, 595 Permanent Disability
• 8,165 Hospitalizations
• 16,521 Emergency Room

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

But I’m sure all these deaths were just COVID vaccine “coincidences,” right?

I’m sure it’s just another “coincidence” but the VAERS system is very difficult to navigate. So, I figured I’d show you how in 7 easy steps…
1. Visit the CDC “Wonder” website and accept the disclaimer at bottom of page.
2. Click on VAERS data search
3. In Section 1, click on Group Results By “VAERS ID” and by “Vaccine Type” and by “Event Category”
4. Under Optional Measures (still in Section 1) check the box for “Adverse Event Description
5. Scroll down to Section 3 and under Vaccine Products select “COVID19 VACCINE” (Make sure it is the only option selected.
6. Scroll down to Section 5 and under event category select “Death.” (Make sure it is the only option selected.)
7. Scroll to the very bottom and click Send.

NOTE: Because there are so many adverse events reported, you may have to segregate between male and female in Section 4 because the system is only capable of producing reports with 10,000 or less rows. Below is the message I received when I tried to update the VAERS results as of April 30th.

Wow! So the CDC’s own reporting system isn’t equipped to handle the number of adverse events being reported!

Recent VAERS data includes two more deaths of infants, a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old.

A 1-year-old baby boy from Florida (VAERS ID 1261766) took the Moderna shot and died two days later after suffering convulsions and seizures.

A 2-year old little girl from Virginia (VAERS ID 1255745) took the Pfizer shot and died five days later.

One of the infants who died was apparently in a Pfizer trial, while the other one was apparently in a Moderna trial.

Sadly, the CDC’s VAERS database showed a total of 152 fetal deaths reported after receiving COVID-19 vaccines through April 23, 2021.

But I’m sure these deaths were just COVID vaccine “coincidences,” right?

Teenagers are dying too!

  • A 15-year-old female in New Hampshire (VAERS ID 1187918) died from cardiac arrest on April 6, 2021 — approximately 3-4 days after the second dose of the Moderna vaccine.
  • A 17-year-old female in Wisconsin (VAERS ID 1218081) received the Pfizer vaccine on April 2nd, 2021. Patient reported difficulty breathing and chest pain, then suffered cardiac arrest and died 8 days later on April 10th.
  • A 15-year-old male in Colorado (VAERS ID 1242573) received the Pfizer vaccine on April 18th and suffered heart failure and died two days later on April 20th.
  • A 16-year-old female in Wisconsin (VAERS ID 1225942) received Pfizer vaccine on March 19th. Patient suffered cardiac arrest at home on March 28th and died March 30th.

But I’m sure these deaths were just COVID vaccine “coincidences,” right?

See for yourself!

Below are several more of the 3,500+ deaths reported to VAERS. I’ve ‘hot linked’ them so you can see for yourself.

  • VAERS ID 930910 AGE 52. FEMALE. Vaccinated 1/8/2021 with Moderna vaccine. Died 90 minutes later 1/8/2021.
  • VAERS ID 938118 AGE 51. FEMALE. Vaccinated 1/5/2021 with Pfizer vaccine. On 1/8/2021 patient taken to ER, cerebellar hemorrhage, stroke, aneurysm. Died 2 days later 1/10/2021.
  • VAERS ID 915682 AGE 85. FEMALE. Vaccinated 12/30/20 @ 5pm with Pfizer vaccine. Died 3 hours later 12/30/2020.
  • VAERS ID 946293 AGE 51. MALE. Vaccinated 1/7/2021 with Moderna vaccine. Became increasingly hypoxic later that day. Transported to ER for acute on chronic hypoxia respiratory failure. Died 1/12/2021.
  • VAERS ID 921768 AGE 58. FEMALE. Vaccinated 1/4/2021 with Pfizer vaccine. Died same day 1/4/2021.
  • VAERS ID 929764 AGE 45. MALE. Vaccinated 12/28/2020 with Moderna vaccine. The patient was found deceased at home about 24 hours after immunization. Died next day 12/29/2020.
  • VAERS ID 933739 AGE 54. FEMALE. Vaccinated 1/8/2021 with Pfizer vaccine. Died 2 days later 1/10/2021.
  • VAERS ID 943397 AGE 28. MALE. Vaccinated 12/23/2020 with Pfizer vaccine. Patient was found unresponsive at work in the hospital. Patient pupils were fixed and dilated. Died 1/14/2021.
  • VAERS ID 941743 AGE 60. FEMALE. Vaccinated 1/12/2021 with Moderna vaccine. Died next day 1/13/2021.
  • VAERS ID 934968 AGE 54. MALE. Vaccinated 1/4/2021 with Pfizer vaccine. Later that day, patient started to vomit and had trouble in breathing. Died 2 days later 1/6/2021.
  • VAERS ID 918518 AGE 50. FEMALE. Vaccinated 12/31/2020 with Moderna vaccine. Died same day 12/31/2020.
  • VAERS ID 923219 AGE 41. FEMALE. Vaccinated 12/30/2020 with Pfizer vaccine. Died 2 days later 1/1/2021.
  • VAERS ID 935511 AGE 56. FEMALE. Vaccinated 1/8/2021 with Moderna vaccine. Died next day 1/9/2021.
  • VAERS ID 942106 AGE 54. MALE. Vaccinated 1/8/2021 with Pfizer vaccine. Died next day 1/9/2021.
  • VAERS ID 914961 AGE 88. FEMALE. Vaccinated 12/30/2020 with Pfizer vaccine. Died 90 minutes later 12/30/2020.

I could go on and on, but you get the point right? Oh, I forgot… according to the vaccine-pushing maniacs and mainstream media sellouts, these deaths were just COVID vaccine “coincidences” …

The FACT is that during the first 4 months of 2021, the US government VAERS database has more reported deaths after receiving COVID-19 vaccines than deaths after all other vaccines COMBINED over the past two decades. Let that sink in!

The chart below shows a HUGE uptick in vaccine reported deaths to the VAERS database since the COVID-19 vaccines were released in December 2020.

Nevertheless, despite the thousands of deaths and the clear explosion on the graph, the CDC states on their website: “Other than rare reports of severe allergic reactions, analysis of VAERS reports has not detected any patterns that would indicate a safety problem with COVID-19 vaccines.”

You’ve got to be kidding me! No patterns that indicate safety issues? Look at the freakin’ graph!

Below is a graph of what has been heralded as the “EXPLOSION” of Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which recently went from about 4 cents to over 70 cents.

Do you notice any similarities in the graphs? Of course you do! Even the boneheads at the CDC can see that the price of Dogecoin has EXPLODED!

But when it comes to the VAERS Vaccine Death graph, which is almost identical to the graph of Dogecoin, their official statement is that there is no pattern of increased adverse events.

Give me a break! It reminds me of the quote from Jonathan Swift: “There is none so blind as he who will not see.

Of course, I’m sure it has nothing to do with the blatant corruption at the CDC…

Corruption at the CDC

The CDC receives millions from vaccine makers and is also involved with vaccine patents among many other financial benefits.

Members of the CDC’s ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) committee actually decide which vaccines are recommended to be added to the CDC vaccine schedules, are often financially involved with vaccine manufacturers.

ACIP members may own stock in Big Pharma companies that are responsible for producing the vaccines that the ACIP committee recommends! In fact, the law firm Weltchek Mallahan & Weltchek found over 50 patents connected to vaccines owned or shared by one or more members of ACIP or other committees within the CDC.

Since 1995, the CDC Foundation has received over $1.2 billion in donations. Among their list of “partners” (donors) are GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, and Sanofi Pasteur. CDC Foundation partners also include tech giants Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Hmmmmm … could that be one of the reasons for the censorship of vaccine safety advocates?

Facebook and Google have large investments and major partnerships with vaccine makers. These pharmaceutical companies also advertise on their platforms, spending billions each year.

Interestingly, endowments to the Foundation are unrestricted, which means they can be spent to support the giver’s vested interests. In other words, Big Pharma can “donate” money to the CDC Foundation, get a tax deduction for the donation, then the funds can be spent to support Big Pharma’s vaccine program. It’s a “win win” for Pharma and the CDC!

Meanwhile, people are dying and getting sick from these toxic vaccines…

Human Lab Rats

But not everybody dies from the untested COVID-19 vaccines. Many of the unfortunate “human lab rats” are just injured. For example, a Utah teen remains hospitalized with three blood clots in and near his brain that developed after he received the first dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Everest Romney, 17, received the vaccine April 21st and began experiencing neck pain, fever and severe headaches one day later. After more than a week of symptoms and being unable to freely move his neck, the family got this diagnosis: two blood clots inside his brain, and one on the outside.

His mother, Cherie Romney, said “The hardest thing was I let him get that shot. And he was healthy and well before. But you question it, you can’t help but question it when it all goes wrong.

But I’m sure this was just another COVID vaccine “coincidence,” right?

Thank the Lord, Everest was released from the ICU May 5th, but has a long way to go. Please PRAY for Everest to make a full recovery from the blood clots in his brain!

Australia’s main drug regulatory body reported its first death from blood clotting that is likely linked to AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine. This was announced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) on Friday, April 16th, after it met to investigate the link between the vaccine and the patient’s death. According to the TGA, the person who died was Genene Norris, a 48-year-old woman from New South Wales. Norris received the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on April 9th. She was rushed to the hospital the following day after developing blood clots. She was then placed on dialysis and in an intensive care unit. She never recovered, and she died on April 14th, just five days after receiving the jab.

DID YOU KNOW that not a single COVID-19 vaccine is FDA approved? COVID-19 vaccines have only gone through preliminary clinical trials for 2 months. Moderna was 9 weeks and J&J was 8 weeks. These vaccines have been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status, but not FDA approval.

COVID-19 vaccine phase 3 clinical trials are currently “in progress.” Huh? What exactly does that mean? It means that anyone who receives a COVID-19 vaccine is participating in an experimental clinical trial without any liability from the vaccine manufacturer.

Sadly this is the largest “human experiment” in the history of the world! Check out the completion date of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial. Yep, you read that correctly — April 6, 2023! In other words, we ARE the guinea pigs!

DID YOU KNOW that COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers define “effectiveness” as “reduction in risk of symptoms such as a fever, cough or sore throat?” Heck, on the CDC’s own website, they state “There is some evidence that vaccination may make illness less severe.

Also, the term “effective” was not defined as preventing viral infection or spread of the (SARS-CoV-2) virus to others. This is the reason why vaccinated individuals are still recommended to wear facemasks, socially distance and avoid large crowds.

None of the vaccine trials showed that the vaccine prevented people from getting COVID-19. The only difference between those that were vaccinated versus unvaccinated were their severity of symptoms.

The trials were also not designed to detect a reduction in severe COVID-19 illness. In other words, COVID-19 vaccine trial results do NOT show that COVID-19 vaccines save lives!

DID YOU KNOW that previous coronavirus vaccines were never approved because of serious safety concerns in animal studies?

In the past, during animal testing, when animals were exposed to the virus after vaccination, many got extremely sick or died. Animals in these studies ended up getting what is now being defined as Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED).

VAED occurs when a vaccine primes the recipient’s immune system and then at some later time, when exposed to a similar virus, the immune system overreacts. This immune system amplification could potentially cause the body to attack itself, which could possibly lead to severe disease, organ damage and even death.

For example, this phenomenon has long been known from various studies with coronavirus vaccines in cats. All cats that initially tolerated the vaccine, later died after being exposed to and catching the SARS virus.

This is why coronavirus vaccines have never been approved for use in humans! In previous animal testing, after vaccination, the second exposure to the virus resulted in death.

DID YOU KNOW that the CDC recommends that pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccine based upon … well … their “gut instinct” for lack of a better term. Seriously … I’m not making this stuff up!

On the CDC website, it states: “Based on how these vaccines work in the body, experts believe they are unlikely to pose a risk for people who are pregnant.

Pregnant women are usually warned to avoid many things, such as high mercury fish or deli meats. Yet, a vaccine with limited data about its effect on a pregnant woman or her fetus is being recommended because the “experts” at the CDC “believe” it’s “unlikely” to harm them.

This statement is quite telling, isn’t it? It shows that “vaccinology” is like a religion, as it requires “belief” in efficacy, despite lack of data. That’s not science. That’s dogma.

Thanks to CovidVaccineQuiz.org for some of the above information.

Ignoring “Inconvenient” Data

Not surprisingly, the lamestream media sellouts totally ignored Yale Professor of Epidemiology Harvey Risch who revealed that the majority of people now coming down with COVID-19 have been vaccinated and they also conveniently failed to mention that fear of side-effects was the leading reason for vaccine refusal, cited by 45% of those in a March poll conducted by the Delphi Group at Carnegie Mellon University.

The elephant in the room is that people are more scared of the vaccine than the virus itself, which as of March 19, 2021 (according to the CDC) has an overall 99.4% survival rate for those aged 50 to 65.

According to Celeste McGovern: “For those under 18, the coronavirus fatality rate estimated by the CDC is 0.00002, which translates into a 99.98% COVID survival rate. In fact, for those under 18, the lifetime odds of being struck by lightning are higher than the odds of dying of the virus.

Earlier this month, an Israeli organization made up of health experts published a report outlining how the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine causes damage to nearly every system in the human body. According to the Israeli People Committee (IPC): “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people” as the Pfizer vaccine has. The IPC also reported that the “the risk of mortality after the second vaccine is higher than the risk of mortality after the first vaccine.

It reminds me of a quote from George R.R. Martin: “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.

Propaganda Pushers Playbook Revealed

Have you ever heard of the “Vaccine Demand Observatory” (VDO)? Probably not… but you’ve definitely heard their propaganda. There’s no doubt about that.

On their website, this group states that they are “advancing the world’s ability to decrease the impact of misinformation and increase vaccine demand.” One of their goals is to “mitigate…mistrust on all vaccines.

The VDO was established primarily by three groups:

  1. The Public Good Projects (PGP) – which “designs and implements large-scale behavior change programs for the public good.
  2. UNICEF – which has received over $86 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since 2020
  3. And the Gates-subsidized Yale Institute for Global Health.

You likely already know about Gates and UNICEF, but what is PGP? According to Celeste McGovern: “PGP was founded by Joe Smyser, a public health academic who trained at the CDC and has partnered with Google and Facebook. Its board members include executives from Merck pharmaceuticals, Pepsi, Levi-Strauss, the Advertising Council, Sesame Street, Campbell’s, and TikTok.

PGP’s website says that through “media monitoring and bots, grassroots social media organizing, or thought leadership, we deploy our considerable resources and connections to communication for change.

UNICEF and PGP’s Vaccine Misinformation Management Field Guide advises vaccine promoters to “consider putting vaccination in a ‘gain frame’. Show happy, healthy, productive people in graphics, and if you must show the act of vaccination try to avoid needles and tears.

One of its tactics is to badger people to accept vaccination as a “social norm.” Explain that “the majority of people adopt certain behavior and that is what others expect you to do to achieve a common good.

DID YOU KNOW that in 2020, the World Health Organization created a new public health field called “infodemiology”? (Definition: the “science of managing infodemics”)

One of the key functions of the VDO is to create and coordinate the “Field Infodemiologist Training Program” (FITP) with the stated goal to train “field infodemic managers” to conduct “public health surveillance for misinformation” and provide “community support in misinformation outbreaks.” According to the VDO website, “UNICEF, Yale, and PGP will provide in-house and external trainers from a global pool of experts.

On October 15, 2020, the World Health Organization issued a “technical advisory” called Behavioral Considerations for Acceptance and Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccines (2 months before a vaccine was even available). Some of the “strategies” are sounding very familiar now:

  • “Creating an enabling environment.” In other words, “making vaccination easy, quick and affordable, in all relevant respects.”
  • “Building timely trust in vaccines.” According to the advisory, it is “important to focus on building trust in COVID-19 vaccines before people form an opinion against them. This should involve using trusted messengers.
  • “Leveraging anticipated regret in communications.” For example, by “asking people how they would feel if they do not get vaccinated and end up contracting COVID-19 or transmitting it to loved ones.”
  • “Harnessing social influences” especially from people who are particularly trusted by and identified with members of relevant communities.
  • “Emphasizing the social benefits of vaccination.” Be sure to tell people that “vaccination not only benefits individuals who receive the vaccine, but also protects others in the community.
  • Emphasize the danger of COVID-19.If people perceive that they are at low risk of contracting COVID-19, or that the consequences of becoming infected will not be severe, they will be less willing to get vaccinated.
  • Downplay the vaccine risks. Adverse events are “often inevitable when large numbers of people get vaccinated in a short period of time.” Neutralize the blow by “communicating proactively about uncertainty” and the risk of vaccine-associated disability and death.


From Brian Shilhavy at Health Impact News:

In an effort to combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship, doctors around the world are frantically trying to warn the masses of the devastating effects of the experimental COVID vaccines about to be mass injected into the unsuspecting public assisted by military forces around the world.

What could possibly motivate these doctors, nurses, scientists, and other health professionals to make such an impassioned plea? What do they have to gain by taking the time to educate the public on the hidden dangers of a new class of vaccine about to be inflicted upon the citizens of countries around the world?

They have NOTHING TO GAIN, and much to lose, including their careers, and possibly even their lives.

So why are they doing this? Why are these doctors and professionals being censored so much if the new COVID vaccines are in fact “safe and effective”? What is it that the media and the government are hiding that they don’t want the public to know?

They are doing this because they are doctors and scientists who actually understand the REAL science here, and who know the devastating potential consequences of those who choose to get this very toxic and dangerous vaccine, and they are trying to save as many people as possible from the carnage this vaccine is going to cause, which will include DEATH, brain injuries, life-long autoimmune disease, infertility, and more.

Please watch this video and their urgent pleas, and then share it with as many people as you can, because time is short!”


By the way, did you realize that the term “anti-vaxxer” is a bigoted epithet? Some bigoted smears are based on racism and some are based on choices that people have made. The “anti-vaxxer” term falls into the latter category…

I have 2 questions for the vaccine pushing maniacs, journo-terrorists, and mainstream media sellouts:

  1. How does it feel to participate in the perpetration of what will eventually be seen as a vaccine holocaust?
  2. Are you concerned that eventually you will be prosecuted under the Nuremberg Code for committing crimes against humanity?

These COVID-19 vaccines are KILLING PEOPLE every day! In the words of Brian Shilhavy, “This is genocide: death by injection. It’s time to STOP sanitizing this. We need to start using the correct terms.

I agree 100% with Brian. The line in the sand is being drawn. Which side are you on?

Read more at: TheTruthAboutVaccines.com

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