The Pentagon paid scientist to develop “trans-medium” military craft after fears that China already has UFO technology

(Planet-Today) The Department of Defense paid Air Force scientist Salvatore Pais to develop a “trans-medium” military craft modeled after unidentified flying objects (UFO) that can operate both in air and underwater. The Pentagon funded the project out of concern that China might already have advanced UFO technology at its disposal.

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Pais was formerly an aerospace engineer for the Naval Air Systems Command’s Warfare Center Aircraft Division before transferring to the Air Force this year. Known for his high-concept, futuristic inventions, the engineer filed several patents on behalf of the Navy, including for a compact fusion reactor that could practically generate limitless energy without consuming a lot of power to do so.

His experimental craft is no less mind-boggling. Inspired by UFOs that were seen in American airspace before, the craft is a hybrid aerospace-underwater vehicle that can fluidly switch between two different mediums. According to Pais, the technology works by generating high-energy electromagnetic fields, which he claimed can allow one to manipulate the “quantum vacuum” that underlies the universe.

If Pais were correct, a craft enveloped by a high-energy electromagnetic force field could move through air or water with virtually no resistance. In turn, the craft could travel at incredible speeds through both mediums, functioning as both a submersible vehicle and a supersonic stealth aircraft. Crews would be encased in a Faraday cage to shield them from intense electromagnetic forces.

Pais remarked that the technology would “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level.” While some experts expressed skepticism – science writer Brett Tingley said that the craft had no basis in reality – his ambitious project apparently convinced some defense chiefs. He was reportedly handed over $500,000 to carry out research on the concept. Internal emails from the Pentagon also revealed that there was at least one experimental demonstration of the technology. 

Pentagon locked in a UFO tech race with China

In a recent paper, Pais described his craft, which he called a hybrid aerospace-undersea craft (HUAC), as being shaped roughly like the point of a pencil: “The HUAC is conical in configuration with an elliptical cross-section, similar in geometry to a hypersonic glide vehicle [or] dart.”

The schematics that Pais drew up for the craft resembled the triangular UFOs occasionally spotted gliding silently around the country. The National Institute for Discovery Science, a now-defunct research organization focused on ufology, cataloged multiple sightings of “black triangle” UFOs dating back to the 1990s.

The experimental craft also closely resembled the triangular, trans-medium vehicle captured in camera by a F/A-18 fighter pilot in 2019. The pilot’s photograph was included in a Pentagon report that was widely circulated in the intelligence community, the Debrief reported last December. Federal officials told the news website that the photo was taken after the craft emerged from the ocean and ascended upward at a 90-degree angle.

According to The Drive, the Pentagon appears to be intent on creating highly advanced aircraft modeled after UFOs. It fears that China may have already developed futuristic aircraft akin to the unidentified objects witnessed by American military pilots.

“The Chief Technical Officer of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally wrote a letter addressed to the examiner claiming that the U.S. needs the patent as the Chinese are already ‘investing significantly’ in these aerospace technologies,” according to an article from The Drive, which was co-written by Tingley.

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