MAGIC: Seasonal flu doesn’t exist anymore, only Covid-19, according to CDC and MSM

(Planet-Today) Best part about Covid is that there aren’t any other sicknesses anymore. They’re all magically gone. Got a headache? Covid. Got a sore throat? Covid. Coughing frequently? You’ve got Covid. Fever? Definitely Covid. Even all deaths are labeled Covid-caused now. Did someone jump off a 10-story building? Covid. Did someone choke to death on a big hunk of steak? Covid.

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Yes, the CDC has suspended ALL data collection for the seasonal flu since the Covid plandemic was set in motion, and anyone who dies from the flu, from here on out, will be labeled a Covid-caused death. Hospitals across America are being paid in large swaths of cash for every death registered as Covid.

By now, nearly every American has been exposed to Covid, and probably built up antibodies already, that’s why the tests are invalid, false-negatives, false-positives – it’s all just one big boondoggle to keep the sheeple confused, but obeying orders.

Notice the switch from massive flu numbers and recommended flu vaccines to only Covid-19 and deadly mRNA vaccines

Yes, flu numbers magically disappeared beginning in March, 2020. No more fear-mongering about catching influenza. No masks were ever recommended for that, nor social distancing, just yearly multi-dose mercury injections to keep the populace dumb and slow-suffering from “Mad Hatter Syndrome.” Big question: When the Covid masks cause bacterial infections of the mouth, leading to pneumonia, do the hospitals call that Covid also?

Television stations and newspapers across the country literally verified that hospitals get reimbursed for anything coronavirus related, so no matter the disease, disorder, dysfunction, poisoning, suicide – everyone gets tested for Covid antibodies, and if you have them (or you get a false-positive) then bam! You’re being treated for Covid and will probably die from Covid. It only makes sense with the money game all US hospitals engage in. It’s unethical. It’s immoral. It’s illegal, but nobody’s pressing charges.

This is being reported on across the country, not to mention doctors blowing the whistle who don’t approve of forging and falsifying medical records for the sake of Marxist Plandemic reimbursements.

“ABC10 can verify that hospitals do get reimbursed for coronavirus related care, which unfortunately includes deaths,” admits Sacramento’s ABC10 TV station during a health news segment. For example, if you’ve been dying of pancreatic cancer for 5 years and doctors tell you that you have two weeks to live, if you test positive during those 2 weeks for Covid, then when you die, you died of Covid, on paper. Get it? Even if the chemotherapy killed you. This is how the number got so hyped and the deaths got so scary.

This was all planned from the beginning, and that’s what separates truth news from mass media and social media. It’s all about the mRNA deadly Trojan horse, and over 100 million Americans are standing in line for the “Kill Switch” jab that comes next.

Marxist plandemic ERASES the seasonal flu like magic

Daily Covid-19 death data is so far off, nobody even has a gauge. The US government is not transparent about what is being counted as a Covid-19 death. There’s no more flu data, and why is that? What happened to “FluView,” that weekly influenza “surveillance report” that brought so much shock and awe to the flu shot campaigns across America? Sure, the flu is still alive and well in the USA, it’s just not being reported on or even paid one ounce of attention by the press or the medical industrial complex.

No more reporting on co-morbidities either. Remember that? Those were folks with preexisting health conditions who tested positive for Covid-19, but died LATER ON, who were still counted officially as Covid-19 deaths. How convenient they get to cherry pick all the deaths now, all for more statistical propaganda that’s scaring people so well that they’re willing to suffocate, go bankrupt, isolate, wreck their businesses, take the dirty vaccines, and vote for more punishment soon. Get ready to have your genes edited so that your immune system shuts down and can’t fight Covid-22.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on deadly mRNA vaccines and how to best filter out fake news from your repertoire.

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