‘Get your money, girls!’: Children flaunt their bodies at Miami Drag Queen show and take dollars from LGBT perverts

(Planet-Today) Shocking new video has emerged of children dancing at a drag queen show in Miami, Fla., which shows how youth are being targeted for induction into the LGBT lifestyle.

(Article by Shane Trejo republished from BigLeaguePolitics.com)

Social media influencer Angela Stanton-King drew attention to the drag show that took place at the Palace gay club in Miami involving little girls.

“Why in the hell do these people got these f***ing little bitty-ass kids at this f***ing drag show, y’all?” she asked in a video posted on Instagram.

“It is 11:40 at night, these people have children in a f***ing drag show,” Stanton-King said incredulously.

She was appalled by the display and derided the exploitative nature of the show in the strongest of terms.

“Telling her ‘get her f***ing money,'” Stanton-King said. “Look at this f***ing bulls**t, look at this at this bulls**t now. Look! Look! They’re giving them f***ing money now, little girls, now.”

“[They’re] throwing money at these little girls,” she added.

The drag queen accompanied the little girls onto the stage as onlookers threw money. She made grooming comments that made the little girls feel comfortable with being exploited.

“Hold on, that’s a twenty, give me that,” the drag queen said to one of the kids as he grabbed the cash and put it in his shirt. Seconds later, he would give the cash to the kid, saying, “Your first twenty as a drag queen means you’ve made it.”

“Got them picking f***ing money off the floor like they’re f***ing strippers or some s**t, now,” Stanton-King said.

Big League Politics has reported on how the LGBT agenda is targeting children as they progress from equality to predation:

A new HBO television show “Transhood” is demonstrating the inner workings of the youth LGBT movement and the depths of their depravity and perversion.

One clip features a butch lesbianic woman and her “daughter” Avery, and it shows exactly how children are being systemically abused by pederasts.

“We actually go and meet with our senators and our representatives, and after that, we go and sit and sell some of Avery’s books for a little while,” the ghoulish woman said of her daughter who she uses as a political prop.

This is when Avery expressed the sentiment that she does not want to be exploited for the pleasure of reprobates.

“I just don’t want to even have a book. I’ve done too much in this world. It’s ruined my life enough and now, everyone in this world is going to know if I sell my book, it’s going to get on the news along with me for like the 50th time at this point, and it’s going to make my life worse,” Avery said.

“A couple of years ago, you wanted people to know,” the “mother” responded.

“Yeah, I did, but I know that was a stupid, silly mistake and now I don’t,” Avery said.”

Drag queens are being used to normalize perversion, gender bending and to blur the lines for confused youth. Children need to be kept far away from this depraved lifestyle.

Read more at: BigLeaguePolitics.com and Indoctrination.news.

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