Federal agencies caught trafficking aborted baby body parts for profit

(Planet-Today) Judicial Watch has released a 600-page report exposing the United States government for trafficking “fresh” aborted baby body parts using American taxpayer dollars.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

The report reveals that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) purchased the parts for “biological experiments” such as drug testing and the humanization of mice.

Judicial Watch procured emails between the FDA and Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), the California-based firm that provided the federal government with “fresh” aborted baby body parts.

Between 2012 and 2018 when Barack Obama was occupying the White House, ABR sent a steady supply of aborted fetal tissue to the FDA for “research.” Not long after Donald Trump became president, this contract between the FDA and ABR was terminated.

Reports indicate that the FDA spent thousands of dollars purchasing the body parts for “unethical scientific experiments.” ABR is now under investigation for illegally harvesting and trafficking fetal organs like lungs, livers, eyeballs and fetal brains from murdered babies.

“Records indicate ABR was paid $12,000 upfront per baby, some survivable out of the womb, between the gestation age of 16-24 weeks,” reported GreatGameIndia. “Most purchases are for intact thymuses and livers shipped ‘Fresh; on wet ice.'”

The FDA also requested fetal organs from males “if at all possible,” though the agency specified that “undetermined sex or female is better than no tissue.”

“We only check external genitalia and if it’s not there … we have no way of telling,” one ABR employee wrote in an email to the FDA.

You will find more related news about the abortion industry and its ties to government organ trafficking at Abortions.news.

FDA purchased aborted babies past the age of 20 weeks gestation

It was also revealed in the emails that the FDA was routinely purchasing aborted babies past the age of 20 weeks gestation. This is significant because babies are able to survive outside the womb past this age.

The FDA had specifically requested access to body parts derived from babies that were aborted late-term, which an employee of ABR assured the federal agency would be procured and made available on demand.

“At the same time he admitted that organs of the babies got from late-term abortions are not suitable for experimental use as while performing late-term abortion doctors inject a poison called Digoxin into the baby and this poison destroys all the tissues and cells of baby,” reports indicate.

Since the revelation, a federal court has ordered the FDA to release all records of its transactions with ABR during the Obama years, including evidence showing that the federal government purchased livers, thymuses, brains, lungs, and eyes obtained from murdered babies.

ABR was able to collect “over $2,000 on a single fetus it purchased … for $60,” emails reveal, further explaining that “the federal government participated in this potentially illicit trade for years.”

The experiments the FDA was conducting were tied to research taking place now with regard to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Billions of dollars were invested into what is known as geroscience just a few months before the plandemic was launched.

Secret animal trials involving aborted baby body parts can be traced directly to communist Chinese animal markets, as well as to Frankenstein-style research involving human-animal hybrid abominations.

“Most of these experiments are exported out of Western countries since they were shut down in the West due to heavy criticism,” GreatGameIndia reports.

Commenters agree that such research is “horrendous” but “not surprising at all,” considering the source.

“This has implications for senior officers of various government and private health organizations,” one of them further noted, speculating on the public-private partnerships that may have facilitated this illicit organ trade.

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