Denmark permanently bans Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca over deadly blood clots

(Planet-Today) Following an in-depth safety review, Denmark has decided to permanently ban the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection from AstraZeneca due to the risk of deadly blood clots.

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The first European nation to do so, Denmark determined that continuing to administer AstraZeneca’s China Virus jab to Danes puts them at undue risk of suffering serious adverse events.

While some recipients suffered deadly blood clots, others experienced low blood platelet counts. Both phenomena render the injection dangerous, officials determined.

As we previously reported, Denmark put the AstraZeneca jab on temporary hold after a 60-year-old woman died shortly after receiving it.

“She died with a very unique disease picture, where she was both affected by internal bleeding, a very low platelet count and blood clots,” reports indicate. “Roughly three dozen similar cases have been reported across the E.U. (European Union).”

Proponents of the jab claim such side effects are “very rare” and the result of random immune system reactions to the injection’s adenovirus components. Since most people probably will not have an immediate reaction, they say, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Denmark disagrees, though. The risks clearly outweigh the benefits, and even the European Medicines Agency (EMA) says there appears to be a direct connection between the jabs and the reactions, which have also been documented with the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) adenovirus injection for the Wuhan flu.

The only other jab for Chinese germs that contains adenovirus technology is Russia’s “Sputnik V,” which Dr. Peter Marks of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says is also being looked at along with the others for safety and efficacy.

Czech Republic says it will take all of Denmark’s AstraZeneca injections to administer to its own population

Denmark’s decision to stop using the AstraZeneca jab will set the country back as far as vaccinating its entire population according to the proposed schedule. Officials now estimate that it could take an additional three months to inject everyone as planned.

E.U. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen recently announced that Europe as a whole has plunged 100 million vaccines into people’s arms, a milestone that was made possible by a recent “acceleration” in the program.

“We spare no effort to ensure that Europeans can be vaccinated as fast as possible,” Leyen tweeted, along with the hashtag “#StrongerTogether.”

Other European countries are already showing interest in taking Denmark’s AstraZeneca vaccine stockpile to administer to their ownpopulations. Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek made an offer via tweet, and others are gearing up to make their own offers.

“Funny how the only vaccines left are those using mRNA. Coincidence? Probably not,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter making a valid observation about the hidden agenda behind all this.

“Look, there is a cure, why are they still pushing experimental vaccines when there is a cure? The FDA is corrupt. Pay attention to what is going on here because it is important.”

Others speculated that billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is probably thrilled about the news, seeing as how it coincides with his plan to massively reduce the world’s population.

“A virus can be a vector for the transfer of genes from one organism to another,” wrote another. “Of course, the problem with such a mechanism is targeting it to a specific group, as a virus could presumably come back to bite you.”

“The best way of accomplishing that would be to give your target group a precursor that would allow it to become more susceptible to the gene altering virus, then build a virus that was dependent, for example. Then install a gene into people that the virus would look for, for its own needs. An mRNA vaccine would be just the ticket.”

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