CNN admits to terrorizing America with fear-mongering and crisis programming

(Planet-Today) Charlie Chester, one of CNN‘s technical directors, was caught on tape admitting that the fake news network “got Trump out” by spreading lies and disinformation about his presidency.

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Among other deceptions aimed at steering the public into panic and unrest, CNN told its viewers to be afraid of President Trump – and many listened. Consequently, he was voted out of office through fraud and misdirection, complements of CNN.

Chester stated that he “100 percent believes that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got [sic] voted out.”

“I came to CNN because I wanted to be part of that,” he added, further revealing that the fake news network engaged in propaganda to “create a story” about Trump versus Biden.

“[Trump’s] hand was shaking or whatever, I think,” Chester stated. “We brought in so many medical people to tell a story that was all speculation – that he was neurologically damaged, and he was losing it.”

“He’s unfit to – you know, whatever,” he added. “We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about. That’s what – I think that’s propaganda. We would always show shots of him [Biden] jogging and that [he’s] healthy, you know, and him in aviator shades. Like you paint him as a young geriatric.”

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, which has uncovered many truths over the years about Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Democrat Party, and other evil organizations, tweeted video footage – see below – of Chester making these and other admissions.

CNN spread carefully curated propaganda to make Resident Biden appear healthy

Many Americans already know that Resident Biden is a sick old man who can barely read a teleprompter, let alone lead as “president.” To help him, CNN has been cherry-picking clips and segments of China Joe appearing to do “healthy” things.

Chester admitted that CNN has been working overtime to make Biden appear healthier and more ‘with it’ than he actually is. Those paying attention know that Biden belongs in a nursing home, but CNN wants you to believe he is fitter than Superman.

“They’re trying to make it like, ‘Oh, I’m healthy,'” Chester admitted about CNN‘s pro-Biden agenda.

For most of last year, CNN also endlessly fear-mongered about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), blaming Trump for the hundreds of thousands of alleged deaths that were caused by the Chinese virus.

Now that Biden is “in office,” CNN will soon shift its coverage away from the Kung Flu and back onto “climate change,” a tried-and-true scare subject that easily gets leftists into a hysterical tizzy.

“I think there’s a Covid fatigue,” Chester admitted, noting that Covid-19 media coverage “should be coming to an end in the near future.”

“So like, whenever a new story comes up, they’re [CNN] going to latch onto it. They’ve already announced in our office that once the public is – will be open to it – we’re going to start focusing mainly on climate.”

In other words, now that Trump is presumably gone, CNN is planning to shift gears and change the narrative to advance the next stages of globalism. Biden is the perfect figurehead, too, because he rarely knows where he is, let alone does he possess the fortitude to defy anything his puppet masters tell him to do.

“I have a feeling that it’s going to be, like, constantly showing videos of decline in ice and weather warming up and, like, the effects it’s having on the economy,” Chester speculates as to the future of CNN‘s media coverage.

CNN wants you scared so you’ll surrender more of your rights to the globalists

Jeff Zucker, Chester revealed, who currently heads up CNN, will ultimately make the call as to the direction of media coverage. Zucker and his “council,” Chester explained, will sit down to discuss the next steps for the fake news network.

The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic has already been “beat to death,” Chester admits. So, now it is time to focus on something new that people can get scared about, resulting in them allowing the government to further trample their rights in the name of “safety” and “security.”

“Be prepared: it’s coming,” Chester warns. “Climate change is going to be the next Covid thing for CNN.”

In a nutshell, “fear sells,” Chester revealed, and CNN has always capitalized on scaring its viewers into believing harebrained conspiracy theories about Trump being a “Russian spy,” for instance, or conservatives being “domestic terrorists” who engage in “insurrection” against the federal government.

The Wuhan flu was perhaps CNN‘s most successful psychological operation as it helped convince millions of Americans to “mask up” and take an experimental gene therapy injection from Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna that forever alters the DNA of recipients.

“You have to be some sort of special stupid to watch CNN,” wrote one commenter at Zero Hedge.

“And MSNBC or ABC or CBS … yeah, even FOX these days,” responded another.

Others pointed out that a small handful of folks such as Leonard Goldenson (ABC), James H. Rosenfield (RCS), Fred Silverman (PBS), and Lawrence Grossman (TIME) control most of the mainstream media that the average person consumes for “news.”

“The man admitted to sedition on camera and said it was CNN‘s policy, not that I expect anything from the DoJ or FBI – that trust is gone,” commented another.

CNN also says I should take the ‘vaccine,’ too, because it’s safe. I’ll bet they are telling the truth for that, even if they lie about other things,” this same commenter added sarcastically.

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