CDC using YOUR taxpayer dollars to pay social media “influencers” to push Covid-19 injections

(Planet-Today) Social media influencer and model Whitney Rife put out a video the other day claiming that two different Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine campaigns offered her “thousands” of dollars to post a selfie of herself getting jabbed.

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In an Instagram confession, Rife warned her roughly 409,000 followers to be careful when listening to social media “celebrities” about health matters such as this because they could be getting paid to lead their followers astray.

“I did just want to make a little note that I received two [offers from] vaccine campaigns paying thousands of dollars to go and get the vaccine and record it and take a selfie while getting the vaccine,” Rife states. “Just going to throw it out there.”

“I would never accept a campaign like this, but be careful with what you’re being influenced on,” she adds.

What Rife wants to know is who is footing all this cash to pay social media influencers to get jabbed. With millions of them out there, that is a whole lot of cash to be spending to push something that, were it truly safe and effective as claimed, it would not have to be hawked through manipulative campaigns.

“Someone out there is paying ‘thousands of dollars’ to Instagram influencers to film themselves getting the COVID vaccine,” tweeted conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, along with Rife’s social media video.

“This one [Rife] said no to two offers and exposed the bribery. Now, let’s find out who’s doing it.”

Psaki admits that Biden regime is strategizing ways to trick the “vaccine hesitant” into getting jabbed

It would appear as though Resident Joe Biden and his team of treasonous usurpers may be responsible for at least one of the campaigns, and this through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted during one of her recent appearances that the White House is, in fact, undertaking new efforts to convince “vaccine hesitant” people to roll up their sleeves and get injected.

“We’ve run PSAs (public service announcements) on the ‘Deadliest Catch,’ (and) we’re engaged with NASCAR and country music TV,” Psaki admitted. “We’re looking for a range of creative ways to get directly connected to white conservative communities.”

In other words, the Biden regime is using your tax dollars to try to manipulate you into getting stabbed with experimental gene therapy chemicals that will forever destroy your DNA and immune system, effectively turning you into a genetically modified (GMO) human-hybrid.

Leading experts from places like Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) now agree that the messenger RNA (mRNA) component of Wuhan flu shots induces permanent alterations to recipients’ genetics.

“Psaki said the other day that Biden was spending several billion dollars on payments to NASCAR, CMT (Country Music Television), and influencers to promote the vaccines,” wrote one commenter at Infowars.

“They’re getting desperate and will do anything to make it happen. Once the propaganda fails, they’ll start trying to use force.”

Another wrote that the jabs serve as a foundation for the Mark of the Beast as foretold in the Holy Scriptures. The injections cannot be reversed and forever destroy the God-given “imprint” that makes a person human.

“The PR firm Hill and Knowlton Strategies was hired by the WHO (World Health Organization)” to pay off social media influencers, contends another commenter.

“This is the same PR firm behind all the ‘babies in incubators’ BS that got us into the Gulf War.”

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