Blue State laws will NEVER END for masks, social distancing and forced vaccination

(Planet-Today) Got a Democrat governor? You’re screwed. Start making plans to get involved and change your leadership or sellout and go to a state with a Republican governor, or face the wrath of the Marxist Democrats. You will be made an example of for the masses to fall in place. Mask laws will not ever be lifted in Blue States because more disease is on the way, and not by chance. Social distancing has nothing to do with preventing the spread of the virus, but everything to do with keeping people from collaborating, which enables people to figure out just how manipulative their government is.

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How deep does the corruption run, you’re thinking, when you hear from Red State friends how virus numbers have dropped considerably where the citizens don’t wear masks, don’t social distance, and where most people are not vaccinated with those dirty mRNA jabs.

Yes, forced vaccination is already underway in several Blue States, including California and New York. Millions of people are being denied from going to work, school, daycare, and even their own businesses, because they aren’t agreeing to be vaccinated with dangerous, deadly, experimental mRNA inoculations.

Remember, virus mitigation advice quickly becomes “guidelines,” which quickly become rules, then mandates, then emergency orders, then legislation and laws. Once you break those laws, you are made an example of, thrown in jail, fined, abused. This is blasted all over the news, national and local everywhere, for the nation to fear. Step out of line and this is what you get, in the Marxist Blue States.

Civil War II: red states vs. blue states war nearly inevitable now

Welcome to the … States of America. We are no longer ‘united.’ We are divided. Divided by a fake pandemic. Divided by gun control laws. Divided by mask-wearing laws. Divided by a fake race war. Divided by gender fluidity madness and perverted thoughts. Divided by forced shuttering of businesses by tyranny. It’s all based on confusion, fake news and fear.

Yes, fear is big business. We learned about that when two skyscrapers (plus building 7) were brought to the ground with demolition accuracy, or have you forgotten? Are you one of those people who still think jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center? We learned that “fear is big business” with those darned “WMDs” we bombed Iraq about, or did you already forget that big Saddam fear lie? Those ‘evil do’ers’ got away with mass murder on American soil.

Now Marxists are running Washington DC, and every Democrat governor must bow down and kiss the ring or be “suicided” Seth Rich style. A Civil War, our country’s second one, is inevitable now.

As tens of millions of patriotic republicans and what’s left of a few sensible Democrats (there must be at least 100) hunker down ‘in the hills’ (landowners) with their registered guns (plus millions more automatic weapons and grenades), get ready, because the “British” (CCP and the Obama Regime) are coming! Once all the vaccinated sheeple are ‘put to sleep’ next year, we’ll see a mass invasion from illegal aliens, and a mass staged (but real) event that will act as the ‘first shots fired’ of the new war.

Red state land grab underway now

People are leaving Blue States in waves. They’re done tolerating the Democrat-promoted crime, debilitating Covid restrictions, high taxes, shuttered businesses, drug addicts, homelessness, plus BLM-Antifa ‘legalized’ rioting and vandalizing. It’s a mass exodus as people move away from Blue States in droves. Property values have dropped. Seniors are dying in nursing homes where Covid is imported on purpose.

There’s one choice left: Move to a Red State, or go broke and die (from Covid or get murdered by BLM/Antifa Soros-paid psychos). Even celebrities are selling their Blue State mansions to escape the insanity.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates about the MSM and CDC lies, so you don’t get caught in the deadly Marxist traps of the Blue States. Really, ask yourself, why have open borders but closed businesses, schools and restaurants?

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