Armed soldiers point guns at Minneapolis women for pumping gas after curfew

(Planet-Today) Thanks to George Floyd and Black Lives Matter (BLM), it is now a serious “crime” to pump gas after curfew in Minneapolis.

Mayor Jacob Frey, who says “white nationalists” are responsible for Floyd’s death, imposed the curfew after the death of Daunte Wright, another black man, at the hands of police officers.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from

Two women who were caught pumping gas after dark in Minneapolis learned the hard way that when a government official orders you to do something, you do it obediently and unquestioningly – even if the order is against the law.

According to reports, the two women were filling up their car when heavily armed goons from the military and local police department swarmed the vehicle and ordered the women to get down on the ground.

With rifles pointed at their heads, the SWAT-like band of government thugs terrorized the two women, one of whom was wearing yoga pants. Neither of the women was armed or constituted any kind of threat.

“The scene was akin to a raid on the Taliban in Kabul but happened in Minneapolis, and instead of the Taliban, it was innocent women in yoga pants,” writes Matt Agorist for

On Twitter, many expressed similar sentiments about the gross abuse of power on display that night. In what parallel universe is harassing and terrorizing innocent women going about their business acceptable in a country that claims to hinge upon freedom and liberty?

“Whoever ordered this idiocy shld be unceremoniously & summarily removed from office,” one person wrote. “Arresting ppl at a MN gas station – pointing military grade assault rifles in their faces – is just outrageous. No elected official shld ever get away w this.”

“When there is widespread civil unrest, a state basically has 2 options: 1 – make a few concessions to public demands, or 2 – use tyrannical force to quell the unrest,” wrote another. “And it’s quite obvious the direction our ruling class wants to go as public anger and despair continues to grow.”

Militarization of police and growing martial law is a bipartisan affair

Both political parties are guilty of bringing us to this point, by the way. Blaming Joe Biden or Donald Trump completely misses the point as police state tyranny has been burgeoning under the rule of both Democrats and Republicans for many decades.

“It was here long before Trump and began ramping up under George W. Bush during antiwar protests and came to a head under Obama during the Ferguson unrest,” Agorist explains.

Because this most recent incident in Minneapolis occurred under Biden as opposed to Trump, however, the heavily politicized mainstream media did not even pick up the story. This is noteworthy as there is still an agenda at play that seeks to either ignore or glamorize the police state under Democrats while amplifying its horrors under Republicans.

“This is the ‘return to normalcy’ people were wanting,” someone on Twitter pointed out.

“Because last year … what’s happening in Minnesota, Portland, and Chicago right now would be on every news station and would be the top topics on Twitter. But now that the orange man is gone … we can talk about cats again.”

Had this incident in Minneapolis occurred under Trump, it would have been broadcast nonstop for days on end as a means of vilification. However, because Biden is occupying the White House, the media is completely silent.

“They allowed mass burning, looting, and senseless destruction repeatedly with almost zero police intervention” last year, pointed out one commenter about the hypocrisy of how this latest incident was handled. “Bravo, Minneapolis.”

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