“Antiracist” Boston doctors say white patients should be left untreated to die, while black patients go to the front of the line

(Planet-Today) If you have fair skin and live in the Boston area, you will probably want to avoid ever getting “care” at Brigham and Women’s Hospital because the “antiracist” staff that works there could intentionally kill you in order to “correct” the problem of “systemic racism.”

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

According to an article published in the Boston Review, Brigham and Women’s Hospital is now offering “preferential care based on race” as part of new “race-explicit interventions” that aim to disenfranchise whites while catering to blacks and browns.

Harvard Medical School professors Bram Wispelwey, an “LGBT-rights” activist, and Michelle Morse, a black woman, say that discriminating against whites in the medical profession is good and necessary, even though doing so “may elicit legal challenges from our system of colorblind law.”

“But given the ample current evidence that our health, judicial, and other systems already unfairly preference people who are white, we believe … that our approach is corrective and therefore mandated,” they write.

Not only do Wispelwey and Morse want the corrupt Brigham and Women’s Hospital to adopt their new anti-white policies, but they are also encouraging other institutions to “proceed confidently on behalf of equity and racial justice.”

Racist doctors say Biden executive orders support not providing medical care to whites

Citing numerous executive orders recently signed by Resident Biden, Wispelwey and Morse say that American hospitals have a mandate to withhold care from whites, allowing them to die so more black and brown people can get drugged and undergo surgery at the front of the line.

After abolishing President Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission, which sought to once again teach foundational American civics in schools, Hunter’s dad on his first day in office signed an executive order requiring “an equity assessment in federal agencies.”

Based on this, Wispelwey and Morse concluded that too many white people are being treated at hospitals, which constitutes “racial inequity.” From now on, only black and brown people should be treated, they say, and white people left to die.

“What we need … we have come to believe, is a proactively antiracist agenda for medicine,” they wrote, adding that things like “implicit bias training” and “checklists” will have to suffice whenever “indirect solutions where more direct forms of race-explicit action” are not available.

The two professors are piloting their program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital with the hope that it will be expanded nationwide. They say the “equitable solutions” offered will ensure that more black and brown people receive care instead of white people.

Citing leftist economist William Darity Jr.’s “reparations framework,” Wispelwey and Morse believe that “black and Latinx patients” need to be prioritized over white people, which also ties into their “Redress” program that “is intended to discriminate against whites who require medical attention so other individuals can automatically be given treatment.”

“Redress could take multiple forms, from cash transfers and discounted or free care to taxes on nonprofit hospitals that exclude patients of color and race-explicit protocol changes (such as preferentially admitting patients historically denied access to certain forms of medical care),” they explain.

Brigham and Women’s will prioritize five neighborhoods in Boston with the highest black and Latino populations as part of the program. Non-whites in these areas will be engaged through outreach to take the place of whites at hospitals, as well as be apologized to for the “institutional racism” of America.

“Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s decision to discriminate in providing medical services makes it ineligible to receive federal funding and jeopardizes the federal funding of Harvard Medical School with which it is affiliated,” warns GianCarlo Canaparo, a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

More related news about the problem of systemic “woke” racism against whites can be found at AntiWhite.news

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