Ann Vandersteel from interviewed by the Health Ranger… hear this powerful voice of TRUTH

(Planet-Today) One of the most admired and authoritative voices in independent media today is Ann Vandersteel of With many years of experience in broadcast news and analysis, she has become a powerful voice of reason and stands out as a true pioneer in independent media. Her show, which airs each weekday evening at 9pm eastern at, brings the world rich, in-depth reporting on politics, economics and human interest stories.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

I was fortunate to meet Ann at the recent Tulsa Health & Freedom event, and she invited me to take part in a fascinating roundtable discussion with Col. Phil Waldron and Dr. Keith Rose. That segment got amazing feedback from the audience, and since both Waldron and Rose are fellow Texans, I’m going to invite them into my new studio for a follow-up.

In the mean time, I was able to interview Ann Vandersteel via remote video, and she has a very important message to share with all of us. Watch this fascinating interview to learn more about Vandersteel, and her efforts to empower people with important information about the things happening in our world today.

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