5 DUMBEST things Americans are doing that make themselves more susceptible to catching and maybe dying from the upcoming Covid-19 virus mutations

(Planet-Today) The science is in folks. Covid-19 masks are causing bacterial infections and loss of oxygen intake, resulting in fewer nutrients being delivered throughout the human body. This is directly affecting immune function for the worse. Social distancing is a total failure as a strategy for avoiding Covid-19. As it turns out, social distancing is worsening the pandemic.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com)

Nobody at school or work, or in parks, stores and restaurants, is building up proper natural antibodies to anything at all right now. When the morphed Covid-19 strains come around, the people who have been wearing masks, lathering up all day with antibacterial everything, and social distancing, they will be hit the worst, and may all die.

It gets worse. Fully vaccinated individuals in Michigan are falling off like flies, dying from the vaccine, not from catching Covid-19. Let’s repeat that. Fully vaccinated people are dying from the mRNA China Flu vaccine. That is not a side effect. They are dead.

That’s because mRNA technology has the ability to completely shut down the human immune system with the “flip of a switch” inside your cells and your DNA. The messenger RNA can literally instruct human cells to function like cancer cells, while suppressing natural immune function that would fight the rogue cells.

This is the complete opposite of what the CDC and the vaccine manufactures are telling everyone right now about the Covid vaccines, and this is based on clinical research by molecular biologists at the Sloan Kettering Institute. Folks, cancer drivers are HIDING in the RNA. Get it? Some of the dirty vaccines are causing deadly blood clots. Is this how you fight the flu? Is this swine flu, Zika virus, measles, chicken pox, or Covid-21?

It’s all about selling Americans on dirty vaccines, but the mercury from the flu shots and the fluoride in the tap water has 150 million people too stupefied to see it.

The 5 dumbest things people are doing that wreck immune function, increasing susceptibility to new versions of Covid

#1. Getting jabbed with the mRNA vaccine series is really dumb (and deadly).

#2. Social distancing is really idiotic.

#3. Wearing a mask all day is really stupid.

#4. Using antibacterial everything is ignorant.

#5. Herding together with other “vaccinated” sheeple is super dumb.

Herd theory has now been completely dismantled and destroyed by Covid-19 and the CDC’s propaganda machine

Used to be the CDC demanded all the vaccinated children and their parents “herd” together closely, huddled in safety in numbers, because, well… vaccine. Once you’re vaccinated you were 100 percent safe, 100 percent of the time, no matter where you go, unless, well… the unvaccinated. That was the theory the CDC pushed. If your child were to play with some toys that a vaccine-free child just touched, then danger!

Now, the CDC is preaching that we must all social distance AFTER getting the vaccine series. Wear your mask and don’t go near anybody, ever. Don’t even hug your relatives. Don’t touch anything ever or Covid. That’s the message. What happened to heard theory? Was it all a lie, or does it just not fit the narrative of this Marxist plandemic? It’s all been propaganda and lies, folks.

Consumers in America are some of the dumbest, most brain-washed sheeple on the planet (no offense if you’re reading this now). They buy corporate-made food products and corporate-made medicine and can’t figure out why they are fighting cancer, diabetes and are prime candidates for catching Covid-19. What went wrong? They ask. Why me?

Drop the mask, the social distancing, the antibacterial everything, the herd lie, and if you already got jabbed with mRNA, good luck. Tune your internet frequency to Vaccines.news for updates on the spread of Covid-19 and its more virulent strains via dirty vaccines.

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